Are you wondering where your mobile data plan went? 😱 Chances are it wasn’t just your video data usage from YouTube or Netflix. In a study around app usage with Opera Max, we found that 30% of mobile data usage actually happens in the background.

data-management-opera-maxFortunately, Opera Max, our free data-management app, has some clever solutions for you. See how this Android app can help you control your mobile data usage.

Link to get Opera Max data saving app in Google Play

Monitor your app-related background data usage with Smart Alerts

Opera Max will notify you when sneaky apps consume background data. This can happen any time an app pre-fetches ads or updates content, even though you’re not actively using it, or the screen is off.

If you activate this option in the app settings, you will be able to see whenever an app is draining your data plan. You can also check out your weekly consumption to make sure those MBs are under control.


Manage your data usage by blocking background data

Finding out which apps are being sneaky is all well and good, but you also need a way to stop them. Opera Max does the work for you. All you have to do is go to the “App management” section and select the apps that you want to block. It’s easy to see which apps are draining the most data.

Download Opera Max on Google Play and take control of your data usage. Which apps have you blocked for background data munching? Let us know! 😉

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  • gld59

    As my plan only includes 200MB/month, I’ve been using Android’s own settings to disable background data for quite a while. I haven’t used Opera Max yet, but it looks like it might be a simpler way of doing that. Over the last few years I’ve had to restrict Google Play Store, Google Play services, Google Keyboard, Firefox (browsers all suck in different ways, so I like to have several), and Coles (an Australian supermarket). The Google apps/services in particular don’t like it at all, but usually stop complaining after I reboot the phone.
    (Galaxy Nexus, running Android 4.3)

    • Anda Somodea

      Oh, brave person, restricting Google apps/services! I haven’t managed to do that without running into some kind of issue myself. I hope you’ll like how Opera Max works. Thanks for reading 🙂

      • gld59

        Haha, I’m old enough to avoid using a squidgy little phone screen whenever a full-size computer is available. I simply don’t care whether or not the Google stuff likes being restricted, because I don’t rely on it.
        However, have you ever thought about an Opera Max for Windows 10? That full-size computer munched through 60MB when I turned it on today, for no apparent reason – nothing visible to me was updated. 🙁

        • Anda Somodea

          Hey, squidgy little phone screens definitely have their perks! Just the other day I saw a flip phone running Android. Let’s say it was love at first sight.
          To answer your question, the team is currently focused on mobile, but who knows, if we get big enough, the sky is the limit. 😉
          Have you seen this article on How-to Geek? It gives pretty cool tips on how to check what’s been eating your data on Windows 10: Might I also recommend a browser with data-saving functions? *cough*Opera*cough*Turbo Mode* 😀

          • gld59

            Android flip phone? :O Hope you have good eyesight and tiny fingertips.
            😀 I used to have a strong preference for flip phones, until I found it
            useful to have a smartphone.
            Thank you very much for the link – there wasn’t much new to me in the article itself (and the data usage stuff built in to Win10 is utterly useless compared to that in Android), *but* there was a link to instructions on setting an ethernet connection as metered! The inability to do that has annoyed me for over a year, so I’m *very* glad to now know how to fix it. 🙂
            Turbo mode – how to create an instant legacy feature (on a web with increasing use of https). 😛

          • Anda Somodea

            My interest in that phone might be enough to surpass any obstacles 😉
            Happy there was something there that turned out useful. Cheers!

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  • Goog article and very useful for me thanks alot so i w’ll to try !

    • Anda Somodea

      Hey Benqie, thanks a lot for the comment. Glad you found this useful 😉

  • sosyalmedyalist

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