Making a capture of your computer screen is fairly easy with the default keyboard shortcuts. But, if you need to take a full page screenshot in your browser, it’ll take a couple of extra steps or require a special tool.

Here are 4 different ways to capture a full page:

Zoom out the page and use default commands

This can be a quick solution if the page extends beyond the visible area of your screen just a little bit. Zoom it out until it fits into the screen and then use the default computer commands to capture a full page screenshot.

That is – on Windows, hit Print Screen on your keyboard. It’ll save a screenshot to the clipboard, so you’ll have to open a graphic editor and paste the screenshot into a new file.

On Mac, the shortcut for a full screen screenshot is Cmd-Shift-3. By default, the screenshot will be saved as a PNG file to your desktop.

Screen-capturing software

There are several screen-capturing programs you can install on your computer. Here are some I can recommend: Snagit from Techsmith (used it both on Windows and Mac), FastStone Capture (only available for Windows) and Paparazzi (for Mac only, see its screenshot below). If you know more – drop a line in the comments. Something to keep in mind though – some of these tools aren’t free.

Full page screenshot: Paparazzi tool for Mac

Online tools for full page screenshots

If you don’t want to install anything on your computer, you can use one of these web-based tools for capturing a full page screenshot. For example, I’ve tried Snapito, Screenshot Machine and All of them work in a similar way: copy the URL of the page in question and paste it into the box at their website to get a snapshot.

Browser extensions

My favorite way of taking a full page screenshot is using a browser extension. In this case, I don’t have to switch to a different tab or launch a separate app – fewer clicks!

There are several extensions available for Opera browser. To name a few:

Full page screenshot: Joxi browser add-on

Once you install one of these extensions, you just need to click on its icon to the right of the address bar to make a screenshot.

When I come across an interesting Opera review or see a webpage that inspires me, I take a screenshot and keep it for future reference. Most often, the content doesn’t fit into one screen, so I often need to use one of the methods I’ve described.

How do you take full page screenshots?

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  • redfox

    Ctrl+Print Screen and MS Paint… everything already present in Windows.

    • NoName

      I use that as well in most cases.
      But it does not catch the whole website, only what’s in the current viewport.

      • redfox

        If I need to save a complete website, I use a PDF printer, or save it as a MHT.

  • _artem_

    Даш, выходи за меня

  • shake farid

    this article very nice,
    but does not it the what then current whole not catch

  • tkapler

    actualy you can press Windows + Print Screen and your screenshot will be automaticaly saved to the pictures folder. And there is also perfect Snipping tool, where you can select area etc. But of course, none of this is for full web page screenshot, i use nimbus screenshot, because you can set it up so that it will automaticaly save full page on one click

    • Tratsing

      So, nimbus screenshot add-on saves all the web page (from upper to bottom), not only the part that is viewable on screen?

      • there are six options in nimbuzz screenshot. all visible page, selected area and other

        I use screnshoot for my web :

  • updatefilm

    i really like it. i will make it my site:

  • Checo

    Nice post. Thanks a lot!

  • Nice post.Thanks

  • miguel angelo

    I use FireShot.

  • Yuri Peixoto

    Thanks! Webpage Screenshot is exactly what I wanted! ^_^

  • i am using opera but i did know this tricks it will be very helpful for me.

  • Minhaz Leo
  • ZamYar

    Nimbus extension has great Future: Capture Fragment!!

  • Screenshotme

    You can also use to take screenshots online and free.