We’ve released Opera 33 for computers today. Along with the features and bug fixes that we talk about regularly on the Desktop team blog, today’s release also sports a new product logo that reflects our new brand identity.

You will find the updated “O” icon in our menu button, on the taskbar, and of course on your desktop screen.


Last month, we launched Opera’s new brand identity, which is more than just a logo change. The new 3D “O” symbolizes a gateway that helps you do more online.

We’re gradually rolling out new product icons to our mobile browsers and apps. Currently, you’ll see the new “O” in Opera for computers, Opera Mini for iOS, and Opera Mini for Windows Phone.

An icon for each stage of development

Your real-time feedback and bug reports help us a lot, since we have a pretty fast release cycle: Every six weeks, we publish a new version of Opera in our experimental developer channel, waiting for you. Within a few weeks, a more stable, beta version follows. Then, a few weeks later, we iron out all the kinks and release the stable version.

With the new, 3D icon, we can reflect this development process. The developer channel builds show a wireframe icon,  just black, white and grey. The beta icon depicts some more finished work, and the wireframe starts getting painted up with our signature red.


Improvements on Mac and Linux

With Opera 33, we’ve cleaned up the look of Opera on Mac. We gave it a shiny new “vibrant” toolbar to match the rest of El Capitan’s transparent look. And, we’ve added support for proprietary codecs like H264 video and MP3 audio on Linux.

Let us know your thoughts. You can comment on this blog, or ping us on Twitter.

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  • Didn’t get the update yet! When are you going to fix the Windows 95 scrollbar on Windows 10?

    • CsH

      haha! good one 😀 just now noticed that.

    • Kev87

      You can manually update Opera by downloading and running the installer. It normally takes a day or two until everyone recieved the update, but to force it, you can do it manually. About the scrollbar issue, once you’ve updated to O33,you have to enable the ‘alternative native theme’ flag under opera://flags. Restart your browser and the scrollbars should be normal. When O34 goes stable, this will be enabled by default, but currently it needs some final tweaks.

    • SuperTommy

      Scrollbar will be fixed in O34. It’s already landed on Developer stream, which pretty soon will advance to Beta.

      Edit: What Kev87 said. For a reason his reply didn’t show up at first.

    • Nico

      There’s a flag to fix the scrollbars, I just found it: Open up this address and activate the option. After that, simply restart Opera and the scrollbars look fine:


      Warning: This option might break some stuff, even though I haven’t noticed anything strange. And make sure to set it back to default, once Opera 34 stable comes out (Opera 34 finally fixes the scrollbar)

      • Thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver 🙂

        • Nico

          You are most welcome! I’m glad I could help. 🙂

  • Nico

    Isn’t there a 64-bit version of Opera? It’s been quite a while since I last used Opera on my PC, so please excuse me if I simply overlooked it.

    • Kev87

      There is one for linux, but currently not for Windows. I don’t know if they are working on it, but it was asked a lot in the comments of the desktop team, so maybe in the future there will be a 64-bit available.

      • Slawek Sochaj

        There are still many plugins that don’t support 64-bit architecture, and it’s hard to imagine the full-experience 64-bit browser version at the moment.

        • Nico

          Thank you for clarifying! I’ve been using the 64-bit version of Chrome for quite some time now and have no problems so far, hence my question. But good things will come to those who wait. 😉

        • Eyjólfur Kári Friðþjófsson

          Waterfox has a nice solution for 32-bit plugins.

  • opera is great… http://wp.me/p6Sfx5-T

  • Johnny

    Am I the only one that does not like the new logo at all?
    It is no longer the letter O, just a weird circle, and for me this is a bit sad.

  • newlogo new hope http://wp.me/p5JASi-4r

  • happmaoo

    nice logo !!!!

  • Cenon415

    I like the new logo very much! I think it is very trendy!