StumbleUpon and other social media extensions for your Opera browser

Get the StumbleUpon extension for Opera now!

The Opera browser is designed to help all of us do more on the web, and there are many ways to customize Opera.

Social media extensions add spice to browsing on Opera. Here’s a collection of our favorites.

Check out StumbleUpon extension for Opera


If you haven’t heard of it yet, StumbleUpon lets you stumble through a collection of articles, photos and videos based on your interests. The StumbleUpon extension puts cherry-picked recommendations for you right on Opera’s Speed Dial and a new article shows up every three seconds or so. Remember to sign into your StumbleUpon account after installing the extension.

Try Facebook Messenger add-on to chat in Opera

Facebook Messenger

Get more communication in Opera. Facebook Messenger puts a little icon on your extensions toolbar that gives you direct access to read and send your Facebook messages.

We love the look. It’s clean and functional just like the Facebook Messenger mobile app. Plus, you can turn off notifications from that one annoying friend.

The extension runs in the background and gives you a notification when a new message arrives, even when your not currently browsing Facebook. Get ‘em chats on!

Try WhatsApp extension for Opera to chat in the browser

WhatsApp™ for PC

This little tool bridges your browser with WhatsApp through a convenient button on the toolbar.

It gives you a count of  your unread messages. Hover your mouse over the icon and get a summary of your unread conversations in a tooltip. Is the icon orange? That means there is some kind of connectivity issue between the extension and your phone, so look into it.

Appear.in - an extension for video calls in Opera

Appear.in Social

The Appear.in social extension adds a small button to the web versions of Facebook chat and Twitter direct messages.

If you feel like inviting your friends for a face-to-face video call, this extension comes in handy. Click the button and Appear.in generates a link to a private video-chat room. Share this link with your contacts and quickly get into the conversation. .

Control your social media life with StopSocial for Opera


Is the web so social that you can’t focus on work or your studies? Put an end to the madness with one simple click.

StopSocial is great for those of us who love to be social butterflies on the internet but also realize that we need to unplug from time to time. The extension blocks all those tempting Facebook, Google +, VKontakte, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Mail.ru, etc., sharing widgets from your view..

Do you have a favorite social extension for your Opera browser? Comment below and let all us know! 🙂 Happy browsing and ciao for now.


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