Are you into instant messaging? We have some good news for those of you who use WhatsApp. As announced on Twitter yesterday, the WhatsApp web client now officially supports Opera for computers.

So, when you’re texting your friends on the go, you can easily continue all conversations on your desktop computer or laptop once you reach it, instead of having to switch between two devices.

Chat with your friends through Whatsapp in Opera

To chat with your WhatsApp contacts in Opera on your computer, go to and scan the QR code displayed there, using WhatsApp on your phone. (You’ll also see simple instructions on this same page.) To date, this login function has been implemented for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, S40 and S60. Hopefully, iOS will follow soon, as well.

Have fun chatting with your friends!

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  • Emanuele

    Opera Developer 29.0.1788.0

    • Hi Emanuele, we’re aware of this issue already and my colleagues got in touch with WhatsApp team.

    • Yohanes Pradono

      i have the same problem with opera 38.0. It’s based on chrome 51 but whatsapp web says it doesn’t support my browser.

  • Nope, thanks. I use Telegram and it has always worked on all browsers.

  • diamondfdk

    whatsapp for web is a good initiative for people who have to work on pc for long hours and forget to check their phones…so now they can just switch a tab and keep connected to whatsapp

  • Aurel Ghinea


  • Cryio

    I don’t get it. It *always* worked in Opera, right from launch. They said “works on Chrome”, but I guess it worked in any Chromium/Blink based browser.

  • V&G

    using Opera 12.12. WhatsApp doesn’t recognize it as supported browser….