Must-have travel gadgets for 2015

Travelling? We’ve got your back! 🙂 To save precious time during your holiday, make sure you make room for these travel gadgets in your suitcase.

Must-have travel gadgets 20151. Noise-cancelling headphones

Once you try noise-cancelling headphones, you won’t want to go on a trip without them. They are super useful, either on a flight or a train journey, when you are trying to get some sleep or just disconnect from the noisy swirl around you. If you invest in a good-quality pair, like the Bose QuietComfort 25, you will definitely notice the difference.

2. Portable battery charger

When travelling, your phone becomes a multi-tool: from taking pictures, to offline maps or travel guides. All this things drain your battery, which means your phone could die at the most inconvenient moment. To avoid this, carry a lightweight portable charger like Powerocks’ Magicstick in your bag, so you can bring your phone back to life when you need to.

3. Selfie stick

You may have a professional camera for taking special pictures in the many exotic destinations that you plan to visit, but, for most snapshots, you’ll probably use your smartphone camera, and that’s ok. :). Get one of the coolest travel gadgets this year to take awesome selfies from your phone, wherever you are. You can choose from many models, like this one from Noot.

4. Universal travel adapter

Instead of getting a power adapter that only works for one destination, it’s worth investing in an universal adapter that covers all the bases. As well as different voltage standards and compatibility with plugs around the world, make sure it includes USB ports, which can be extra handy. You can find multiple choices at Amazon.

5. Waterproof phone

Besides useful waterproof gear, like jackets and shoes, how cool would it be to have a waterproof phone?! The Samsung Galaxy S5 is resistant to sweat, rain, liquids and sand, so your phone is protected for almost any activity during your trip. Make sure to install Opera Mini for Android to avoid expensive roaming charges when browsing with your phone abroad. Thanks to its compression technology, Opera Mini uses less data to open websites and loads them faster.

6. Wireless portable speaker

From a dinner with friends in the great outdoors to listening to music while on the road, a  portable speaker can be very useful for creating ambiance or a party mood wherever you go. The Philips BT2500B is pocket-sized, so it is easy to take along everywhere you go, without adding extra weight.

7. Activity tracker

Although vacations are for relaxing, if you want to stay fit during your time off, a Fitbit might help motivate you to go the extra mile. Available with a variety of stylish wristbands, Fitbit tracks steps, distance, and calories burned during your day. You can even set goals to achieve every day, so you get that achievement boost while also relaxing and enjoying your getaway.

Finally, while we’re on the subject of travelling, check out our article on finding the best travel deals online.

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