3 must-read travel blogs

3 must-read travel blogs

Looking for some inspiration for your next trip or want to kill some time reading amusing stories from travelers around the world? These travel blogs are some of my favorite. Check them out and get inspired for your next adventure!
3 must-read travel blogs

1. Legal Nomads

Jodi quit her job as lawyer in New York to set off and discover the world. Seven years later, she’s still travelling around the globe and telling her stories through food. If trying the local cuisine is a fundamental experience when you’re traveling, then with Jodi you’re in good hands and you’ll get valuable advice on the best places to eat.

2. Fevered Mutterings

Mike is a great storyteller and he shares his travel misadventures with a dose of sarcasm and humor. He quit his job to become a full-time writer and now he makes a living as a travel blogger and storytelling consultant. You’ll find lots of tips on how to tell a good story and hilarious posts like “35 Amazingly English Things To Do Before You Die”.

3. Nomadic Samuel

Sam is a traveler and YouTuber who has been globetrotting for almost a decade now. His quirky travel stories are an amusing read. Together with his wife, he’s documented with video their many experiences around the world, from tasting pretty much any local dish to canoeing and hiking mountains.

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Do you read any other travel blogs? Tell us in the comments!

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