“Ready to go surfing? Surfing, on the internet. Take your wife and kids and surf on the net, like you are a pro!”

Also, it was important to “make sure you tell your dealer that you need a computer to access the internet,” since, of course, not every computer was made to do that.

Let that sink in for a minute. (We’ll wait …)

Back with us? Great! Now, you can enjoy this hilarious, nostalgic internet ad from 1990, shared by Malay Sakar. 🙂



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  • Marty Goorts

    Netscape was terrible, IE was better but Opera is still the best. In that time i also was using the DAP which helpt downloading up to 8 times faster on every modem. Later on when i strated using Opera i found a ext to become a member so i joined the Opera Group in July 2004, by signing a contract for life with Opera 7 only for 34 Euro. With an old registration Code. Now it’s all for free but i still have my old contract, and i’m proud of it for still keeping it. Opera was en still will be faster & better than IE or GC !!!

  • Javier Bastardo

    Oh man, since I was born in ’89 and live in South America, I didn’t get to experience the very first years of the Internet, I remember going straight from MS-DOS to Windows 95… By the time we got into the WWW, man that was a blast. That dial-up sound will live with me forever.

  • this ad is fabulous thanks for sharing

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  • Spideymang

    Hahaha Thanx Angela for making us remember that years when the dial-up connection was the top of the technology 😛