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How did the kids talk about internet in the 90s?

In last week’s post, I shared a video about how people in the 90s talked about the internet. I’ve scoured YouTube again, and found another interesting classic internet gem posted by user PDCS216. Do you think an internet guide for kids is necessary? Here’s a video of the Jamison family showing kids how to say...

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How did the 90s talk about internet? Here's a travel for you back in time.

“Ready to go surfing? Surfing, on the internet. Take your wife and kids and surf on the net, like you are a pro!” Also, it was important to “make sure you tell your dealer that you need a computer to access the internet,” since, of course, not every computer was made to do that. Let...

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Smallest phone? Old mobile ads - Opera News

How big were the smallest phones back in the 90s? Well, big enough to cause some romantic confusion, at least. Check out this old mobile phone commercial, posted by YouTube user MRDD. Come back for more classic internet ads next week!

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