10 million Opera friends on Facebook!

Post on a giant wall

We feel really excited and a bit humble today, to be honest. It’s not every day that a company gets to celebrate 10 million friends liking their Facebook page.  We’re so lucky to have millions of people enjoying what we do, giving us their “thumbs up”, sharing their stories, sending their feedback and pushing us to be better – just like true friends do.

Dancing into the streets

So, what do friends do? Give you a giant wall!

Friends give something back, and that is what we want to do for you. For three days, we’ll give you a giant wall to post your message to Seattle, Mumbai and Jakarta. The walls will be visible to tens of thousands of people that roam the streets of these cities. Your messages of love, congratulations or selfies of your friends will be turned into live billboards. How cool is that?

Why make a giant wall?

We wanted to do something that humans have always been doing – sharing stories on walls. We’ve scribbled and drawn messages since the stone ages, from ancient Greece to the Roman Empire and all the way to modern times. Lately, physical walls have been replaced with digital ones, but the need to express what’s dear to us remains unchanged.

At Opera, we give people access to internet in places and ways that have not always been possible. Not everyone can access a real wall to write on. We thought it would be fun to provide you with one.

Send a friend a message of love or a congratulation, or share a selfie NOW!

10 million thanks!

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