How to add your favorite search engine to Opera for computers

Everyone has different styles of searching online, including which search engine to use. Some of the most-recognized search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Wikipedia.

Do you prefer other search engines? Do you have a favorite that you wish you could use more easily? Here’s a tip for personalizing Opera: Add a custom search engine in Opera for computers.

Add your favorite search engine
To add a search engine in Opera for computers, simply visit the search provider’s site, right-click in the search bar and choose Create Search Engine.
Right click in the search bar and choose Create Search Engine

You’ll see this message:
Add a keyword shortcut for the search engine

Give the engine a name and assign it a keyword. A keyword refers to a letter or short word that you can use to make searches even quicker. It’s like a nickname that reminds Opera which search engine you want to use. Choose something that’s easy to remember. We suggest a single letter. Click OK to add the search engine.

Search the web with your favorite engine
Once you’ve added your preferred search engines, there are two easy ways to use them.

1. Select the icon from the address bar.
When you type the words you want to search in Opera’s address bar, you’ll notice different search engine icons at the bottom of the suggested searches. Click which one you want to use to search for results from that engine.

Select the search icon from the URL bar of Opera for computers.

2. Use the keyword.
An even quicker way to search is using the keyword. If you want to search for shoes on Amazon, for example, you just need to write z, then space, then shoes.

Use the keyword for a quick search in Opera for computers.

Are there any other search engines you want to share to the other Opera users? Join the conversation by adding a comment below. We’re looking forward to your suggestions!

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