Adding smiles and badges to the discussions in Opera forums

Finally, you can add a smile, a banana or an alien to the discussions. In the past weeks, we’ve been busy re-designing and adding a lot of new features to the Opera forums. We wanted to make discussions more fun and meaningful, and our latest changes are definitely in the category of FUN.

large server monkey

Watch out! Opera Forums users with the “server monkey” badge are the true veterans on the forum.

How to add emoticons
When writing a comment or starting a new discussion, you can now easily add smileys/emoticons by clicking the smiley-face icon in the top-right of the text area.

How to add a badges
Badges are not only fun, but also useful and serve a purpose. In the new release you’ll find 6 different types of badges. Most of them are driven by user activity, which is helpful when you are in a heated forum discussion with other forum members. Rule of thumb – always listen to the Server monkey ones, as well as those with a 10,000 posts badge.

           small server monkey  small trophy  moderator  birthday  Opera employee

Server monkey: Watch out! This user is a veteran in Opera Forums and was active in the forums 6 months prior to the move there.

Milestone badges: We all know that quality is more important that quantity, but, this series of badges indicate how active a user has been. Users get badges for every 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10,000 posts.

Happy birthday: If you see this badge on your profile. It’s your birthday! In other words, this sticker will make sure you never forget your own birthday.

Moderator: You should definitely listen to these folks – they are moderators of the Opera Forums – or the gatekeepers as some call them.

Opera employee: A really nice breed of people; they work at Opera.

 So go ahead, and join the discussions at  the Opera Forums. You might get lucky and  strike a discussion with a server monkey 😉

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