MacWorld, EU’s number one Apple portal,¬†put Opera 17 up for review this week. We’re very excited to see that our desktop browser got a 5-star rating. Opera 17 got the¬†Editors-Choice stamp.

They took a look at Opera’s key features, but also benchmarked the browser with the Peacekeeper test. Here, Opera outperformed all other browsers for Mac.

Congratulations to our Desktop team!

Download Opera browser for Mac free.

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  • JamesD

    Congratulations. I love the new browser and know that in time it will be even better.

  • Chas4

    Yep thats Opera fast & stable

  • fredward

    I remember buying Opera 5 or 10 years ago because I liked it so much, but now it’s a steaming pile of shit, probably great for morons and kids.

  • Cherif Ayad

    I love Opera browser but how do I enable Chrome Extensions Button