We’re starting a list of sites with responsive web design. Join in!

A website’s design and the device we’re using dictate the experience we have online.

Here is a list of some sites with responsive web design (RWD). We’ve tried them out on our browsers – Opera 17, Opera for Android, and Coast by Opera. The sites give the same experience on all devices, and we are loving them.

We intend to grow this list, so tell us other sites you know by commenting on this post.

World Wild Life
We salute World Wild Life‘s efforts in protecting nature.
And their RWD shows that they take the importance of adapting to users’ needs online.

Art of the Title
This site puts the spotlight on title sequence design in the video industry.
Art of the Title also features discussions and interviews with the designers themselves.

Children’s Museum, Pittsburgh
For parents in Pittsburgh, a visit to the website of Children’s Museum is a breeze.
The overview of activities for kids and calendar of events is easy with the site’s RWD.

This news aggregation site carries stories and headlines that are direct to the point.
Upworthy also makes it very easy for readers to share content on social media.

Distance to Mars
“If the Earth were 100 pixels wide…” and if the universe can be navigated on your desktop or mobile device,
how many pixels away is Mars? Just scroll down and you’ll find out.

Do you have any favorite sites that works well on all devices? Tell us about it by commenting.
We will add your suggested sites to this list.

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