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Opera’s Android browser the most downloaded mobile browser in Poland 

Two phones show the most downloaded browser in Poland, Opera for Android.

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Today we’re delighted to announce that Opera for Android has solidified its status as the most downloaded browser in the Google Play Store in Poland! Since mid-August, Opera for Android has bested Google Chrome and other competitors in daily downloads, according to data.ai. Not only that, but Opera remained in the top 15 most downloaded apps overall until November.

Opera for Android offers a singularly powerful browsing experience through its free, unlimited AI tool, Aria. A collaborative feat of engineering between teams based in Poland and Sweden, Aria empowers you to enhance your creativity and productivity by harnessing the power of AI. Connected to OpenAI’s GPT technology, Aria is further enhanced by live results from the web. As an expert in both web navigation and browser functions, Aria collaborates with you on tasks such as information retrieval, text or code generation, and product inquiries.

In addition to its AI capabilities, Opera for Android is a powerful and secure mobile browser that enables you to explore the web with blazing speed and safety. Packed with security features, Opera for Android boasts free browser VPN and device-wide VPN Pro services, plus built-in ad and tracker blockers. Further user-friendly features – such as light and dark modes, a built-in Newsfeed, and Speed Dials – make Opera for Android the perfect browser if you’re seeking a seamless and secure browsing experience. 

And for football fans, Opera for Android’s Live Scores feature allows you to follow the latest scores and statistics from your favorite teams and leagues, so you can stay right on top of the action from anywhere.

Opera in Poland 

Though the company is headquartered in Oslo, Opera’s largest office in Europe is located in Wrocław – fittingly, right across the street from the city’s famous opera house. With a smaller satellite office in Warsaw, the majority of Opera’s developers for both mobile and desktop live and work in Poland – making Opera for Android’s surge there all the more exciting for a team that is so passionate about its growth and development. 

In addition to Opera for Android, the team also focuses on the company’s flagship desktop browser – the recently rebranded Opera One. Combining new Modular Design Principles with multi-threaded compositor technology, Opera One brings UI to life like never before. Packed with innovative features like Aria and Tab Islands, the browser has been engineered to intuitively adjust to your needs. Like Opera for Android, Opera One also boasts strong privacy and security features, such as both free and VPN Pro options and built-in ad and tracker blockers. 

See why it’s soaring up the charts in Poland – download Opera for Android today!

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