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Personalize your iOS experience with Opera’s new custom wallpaper feature 

Hello Opera fans! 

We’re thrilled to introduce a fresh update for our award-winning Opera for iOS mobile browser: a novel wallpaper integration feature. 

This enhancement allows you to convert your browsing journey into an immersive visual delight that echoes your unique style. Your browser backdrop can now feature anything you choose: awe-inspiring landscapes, cherished memories from your photo gallery, or your preferred pieces of art – the canvas is yours to paint, limited only by your imagination.

This change aligns with our consistent efforts to infuse more personalization into your digital experience. We truly believe that technology is a reflection of the user and, with Opera, you can ensure your browser is just as unique as you are. Whether it’s surfing the web for work or leisure, why not do it in an environment that tells your story? 

To start personalizing your browser, just press and hold your default background to reveal the wallpaper updating option. Alternatively, navigate to the Settings through the Standard Navigation menu or the Fast Action Button, select Design, and from there, you can choose your ideal wallpaper.

Opera for iOS comes with a multitude of features designed to optimize your browsing experience. Personalized Speed Dials for your top websites, a Fast Action Button for seamless navigation, and the ability to sync across devices with My Flow are just a few examples. 

We also provide a built-in ad blocker, and the Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which blocks third party tracking cookies and cookie dialogue, offering you a safe and secure browsing experience. And to further safeguard your browsing, we’ve also added a free VPN option to Opera for iOS to accompany our VPN Pro subscription. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Download the latest Opera Browser on iOS today to be the artist of your browsing experience, and make the most of our bouquet of features tailored for your needs! 

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