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Opera’s new native browser AI, Aria, is now available in Opera’s Android Browser

Aria is shown helping users on two separate phone screens.

Hey there, Opera fans! 

We’re really excited to announce that Aria, Opera’s new browser AI, is now available in the Opera browser for Android

Aria is Opera’s cutting-edge browser AI, developed in collaboration with OpenAI. This groundbreaking tool brings the power of generative AI right to your fingertips. 

By seamlessly integrating Opera’s Composer architecture with OpenAI’s GPT technology, Aria provides users with free access to a leading AI service while offering real-time results from the web. It’s like having your very own AI expert right inside your browser! 

Whether you’re searching for information, generating text or code, or seeking answers to product queries, Aria acts as your web and browser expert, collaborating with AI to provide smart insights and fresh ideas.

Now, AI tools have gained popularity as productivity-enhancing apps, but many of them come with limitations, including the need for payment to access AI services. With Aria, however, Opera is breaking the mold. It’s available for free in Opera’s mobile browser for Android and desktop browsers. 

But that’s not all! 

Opera’s Composer infrastructure is designed for expansion. This means that Aria can connect to multiple AI models and will continue to evolve by integrating additional capabilities, such as search services powered by Opera’s key partners. All these exciting innovations will be accessible through a unified and seamless user experience.

Excitingly, Aria is now also available in Opera One, the completely redesigned flagship browser from Opera. 

To enjoy the power of Aria, available in over 180 countries worldwide (including the EU), simply log in using your Opera account. 

If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry! You can register here for free and unlock the full potential of Aria. Just open the browser AI from the main menu and embark on a brand-new way of browsing.  

So, why wait? Embrace the power of AI and revolutionize your browsing experience. Download Opera for Android today and get ready to explore the future of the web!

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