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Version 73 of Opera for Android has arrived, now with a search bar at the bottom and accountless VPN Pro

Opera for Android Version 73.

Hey Opera fans! 

We at Opera love our flagship mobile browser Opera for Android – so much that we’re constantly trying to make it even better!

In our quest to ensure the best updates and most innovative features, we’ve recently updated Opera for Android to version 73. The new features have already launched for some users – with full availability for all coming soon – so let’s walk you through them so you don’t miss anything!

Search bar at the bottom of your browser

You’re browsing the web, but you only have one hand free. Suddenly a new search query or URL pops into your head, and you need to type it in – but you can’t! That pesky search bar is all the way at the top of your phone, and your thumb strains in vain to reach it. 

We’ve probably all been there at some point or other, but with OFA 73 that frustration will be a thing of the past! The newest version will feature a search bar at the bottom of your browser, within easy reach no matter how many hands you have free.

Accountless VPN Pro

Previously, when you logged into our VPN Pro service some account information was required. Now we’ve made another user-friendly tweak: when you choose your subscription, there’s no need to enter any log-in credentials. Designed to get you browsing safely even faster, the update means you’re only ever a click away from enhanced internet privacy and security with VPN Pro.

If you want the best possible browsing experience, don’t settle for pre-installed browsers – choose a personal touch. 

Enjoy your smooth browsing experience with Opera for Android 73.

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