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Enjoy the new version 68 of Opera for Android!

Hi everyone!

Opera for Android is Opera’s flagship mobile browser, and we are constantly working on improving its user-experience by adding new innovative features and providing fixes.

Today we are introducing the new version of Opera for Android – our well-known personal browser of choice. We would like to walk you through the key updates in the version 68 of Opera for Android browser.

Add the Opera search widget to your homescreen

Now you can easily add a search widget to your home screen on Android devices for quick and smooth searches. Just go to “widgets”, choose your personal Opera browser and place it on your screen. Your searches with Opera are now just one click away.

Quick access to tab shortcuts

Moreover, we have added a new shortcut that allows you to manage your tabs more smoothly. Long press the tab counter icon for instant access to tab management shortcuts: New tab, New private tab, Recently closed tabs, and Close tab.

Crypto Wallet improvements

Opera is dedicated to simplifying user onboarding to web3 by removing barriers to entry for web3 novices and experts alike – all across our range of products. Today, we have some exciting news as we add more proof of stake protocols and Layer 2 solutions. Opera for Android already has Web3 capabilities and a built-in crypto wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Celo and other blockchains. With today’s release, we are excited to be adding further blockchain ecosystems, including Polygon, Solana, StarkEx/DiversiFi, Ronin and IXO. For more information on this major Web3 update, click here.

To learn more about Opera for Android version 68, feel free to visit the official website.

In addition, we have made over 200 fixes in this release in order to deliver the best possible browsing experience to those who are not settling for pre-installed browsers and are choosing a personal one. The new version 68 is currently in a staged rollout. Enjoy your smooth browsing experience with Opera for Android 68: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.browser

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