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Hype 1.3, the new version of Opera’s built-in chat service, is now making it super easy to find new friends

Today, Opera is launching a new version of its chat service, Hype. The key highlight of Hype 1.3 is the Find new Friends feature, which allows users to easily meet new people within the app. 

Hype is the first African-inspired chat service built into a mobile browser, Opera Mini, allowing users to easily set up an account and start chatting with secure end-to-end encryption right away. This means users can browse the web, chat with friends, share self-created memes, stickers and GIFs with other Hype users, and find people with the same interests, all in one app. Hype is currently available and quickly gaining popularity in English-speaking African countries, with over 2.4 million activations.

Hype 1.3: meet interesting people in one click 

In response to requests from Hype users, we are introducing the Find new Friends feature. Now, Hype users who are interested in making new friends and finding interesting people to chat with, can do so with just the tap of a button. 

If you’re bored on a Friday evening or tired of always talking to the same people, this feature will be your lifeline. All you have to do is to open your Hype account and click Chat with another Hype user now. You will be matched with a random person who clicked the same thing and is also willing to make new friends. And this is where excitement comes in! You don’t know the age, nationality, occupation or any other details about your match besides their name and profile picture – just enjoy the conversation! 

When a match is made you can chat as much as you want, but still keep your privacy. It’s only if you both agree to become friends on Hype that you can find each other later and continue the conversation. If you find the match to be uninteresting, you can simply end the chat at any point and find a new match. 

What’s special about Hype? 

Hype was built because younger generations of internet users are expecting more social connectivity from the apps they use on their devices. With this integration, Opera Mini has become the first major browser in the world to integrate a social component that keeps users connected to the ones that matter the most. 

Opera is constantly working on improving the chat experience. Hype users can use link previews, GIF support, and the unique built-in meme creator to make chatting with friends even more personal and fun. Moreover, users can join interest-based Hype Clubs to find communities they can truly belong to and chat with those who are on the same wavelength. 

Hype is the first African inspired chat service built into a mobile browser. It offers its users a series of stickers that include everyday expressions currently popular in Africa created by African artists. This unique offer from Hype stands out from other chat services and gives Africans new ways of expressing themselves more accurately when chatting.

Hype account setup 

To activate the Hype account, you should have the Opera Mini application. Set up a Hype account by tapping the Hype logo at the bottom of the Opera Mini browser, or through the O menu. Next you need to choose your name and take a selfie or upload a personalised photo – it will become your profile picture and be visible to other Hype users. Once this process is complete, you can sync Hype with your phone’s contact list to start chatting with others.

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