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Opera GX Mobile World's first mobile browser for gamers

Get ready gamers,

No longer is Opera GX a lone wolf, as it is now perfectly paired with its own mobile companion. Opera GX, the world’s first mobile browser designed for gamers, is finally here with lots of features that you already know from the Opera GX desktop browser (on both Windows and macOS), as well as a few of its own tricks – custom skins, built-in ad blocker, ergonomic navigation with haptic feedback, and gaming news & deals, for a start. 

Officially released today on Android and iOS

That’s right! Today (June 15th), on the final day of E3, we are officially launching Opera GX for mobile. This is great news for all of you who already use Opera GX, along with those who want to bring their gaming style to mobile when they’re on the move. 

Why today? We first launched the desktop version of Opera GX during E3 2019. This year, with the event coming back, we have some good news for everyone who wants their smartphone browsing experience to match their gaming tastes. With Opera GX mobile, we are making sure that you have a browser that offers you a superior web experience and lets you follow the latest news about your favorite games on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and every other platform you enjoy. 

Bridging the gap between desktop and mobile browsers

So, back to the features and assets of Opera GX mobile. Aside from just looking fabulous with its gaming-inspired design, variety of different color themes, and both dark and light modes, GX mobile has got some incredibly useful tools built-in and good to go.

First, imagine smoothly browsing one-handed with the Fast Action Button (FAB). With one thumb and haptic feedback, you just slide your thumb between icons around a central hub. It’s quick, smooth and intuitive – perfect for browsing on the go.

But we’re not always on the go, and we often jump between our desktop and mobile browsers. Enter the Flow feature in Opera GX mobile. Pop open a QR code in your desktop GX browser and scan it with GX mobile. That’s it! Now you can send files, links, pictures, notes, tutorials, walkthroughs – just about anything you want – between your browsers.

Opera GX mobile version is the world's first mobile browser designed for gamers

Then there’s GX Corner – a unique space on the GX’s home screen with the latest news about desktop, console and mobile games, plus deals, trailers and a game release calendar. It’s a one-stop spot on your homescreen for staying up to date with the world of gaming.

Ready to get your hands on it?

Wait no more, it’s all yours! Opera GX is freely available on Android and iOS: Android buffs click here and proud iPhone holders click here.

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