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Opera Touch update: preview tabs and disable ad blocker or location sharing on particular websites

Site settings - Opera Touch


We’ve just updated Opera Touch with two new features that you should find quite handy. Opera Touch is our design-award winning mobile browser available on both Android and iOS.

Preview the the tabs in Fast Action Button in Opera Touch
Preview tabs with the FAB in Opera Touch

Preview tabs with the Fast Action Button

With Opera Touch, we’ve moved the browser navigation to the bottom of the screen. The reason for this is that while our smartphone displays have got bigger in recent years, our hands haven’t. This makes conventional browsers, which make you reach to the top of the screen to type in a website address or open a tab, quite uncomfortable to use. So far, not many apps have adapted to growing smartphone sizes. While we can’t help with those other apps, we’ve made sure this issue is solved with Opera Touch so that it can remain the best mobile browser.

The solution in the Opera Touch app is the Fast Action Button, the large button at the bottom of your Opera browser’s screen. Once you tap it, you will see that it hosts a bunch of handy features: it lets you perform searches (the instant search feature), scan QR codes, open new pages and access your three most recent tabs.

If you move your fingers over the bubbles with your most recent tabs, you will be able to get a fast preview of what’s inside. You can also move your finger over the tabs area on the right and the preview feature will show your most recent tabs.

Switch off ad blocker for particular websites

Some websites ask you to switch off your ad blocker or the cookie dialog blocker to access their content. At Opera Software we are all about giving you the best browsing experience, so if you want to do that, you can now switch off the Opera ad blocker or our famous cookie dialog blocker by clicking on the settings menu (three dots in the upper right corner of the browser screen) and then site options. This feature also lets you translate any website into your language of choice.

If you use an Android device, you’ll also notice that two new features have become available in this site options panel. you can now disable location sharing on a given website, and the other feature lets you print any website on Android. Both of these features are currently not available on iOS.

Site settings - Opera Touch
Turn off your ad blocker or cookie dialog blocker on a given website. Control the location settings, translate or print.

Connect Opera Touch to the Opera browser on your computer

Opera Touch is not only fast and secure, it also lets you share notes and links with your Opera computer browser. This means you always have direct access to the links and notes you want to send and save for later.

To connect your browsers, first start your Opera computer browser and click on the My Flow icon in the sidebar. Our developers have worked hard and made this super easy: you simply have to scan a QR code on your computer screen with Opera Touch. The app then connects to the My Flow feature and establishes a link between your computer and your mobile browser app.

You can instantly try it out and send some websites to My Flow. Regardless of the device you do it on, once you share it, the message or link will instantly appear on all of your devices connected with My Flow. This makes Opera Touch the perfect companion for your Opera PC browser.

Opera for computers is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Opera Touch app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. You can check out other Opera apps like Opera Mini in either store. We hope you like the updates and enjoy our seamless interface.

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