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Hello everyone,

Today is an exciting day for Opera News as we are becoming the first news app in Nigeria to introduce two dedicated channels inside our app that offer you the latest news and polls about the upcoming Nigerian general election.These channels are “2019 Elections” and Naija Roundtable”.

Before we jump in and describe what you will be able to find on these channels, allow us share with you that we want to encourage as many people as we can to vote. We believe that this is important for everyone living in Nigeria as it will decide the future of the political landscape in the country.

We also want to share with you some context about the scale of this election. Currently, there are more than 84 million registered voters according to the Independent National Electoral Commision (INEC). This represents 40 percent of the population in Nigeria, a considerably high percentage of the voters considering the size of the country.

That being said, let us guide you through our new channels as they are the perfect balance for you to stay informed and engaged in this year’s general elections with articles and roundtable discussions with other Opera News users.

2019 Elections channel

Let’s start with “2019 Elections” channel. This is your main hub for reading as many articles as you want about the candidates and their proposals, as well as daily articles about the elections.

The channel gathers articles that have been curated by our Nigerian-based editors so you can get all the information you need in one place. In addition, you will also be able to read comments from other Opera News users like yourself who are voicing their opinions towards certain articles. Whenever you see an interesting comment, feel free to join the conversation by simply tapping on the comment and writing your opinion.

Naija Roundtable

The “Naija Roundtable” channel is designed as a place to voice your opinion and to be part of the elections through Opera News. You can easily access the channel by tapping on the “Me” button located on the lower part of the app.

Naija Rountable gives you an overview of all the registered candidates and how are they increasing in popularity. Here you can also choose your favorite candidate and you have the option to share who you are supporting on Facebook or other social media channels.

Finally, you can also be part of the elections by responding to the survey located on Naija Roundtable. In order to participate, you just need to tap on the button called “Fill out now” and respond to the 12 questions shown there. You can also choose to share your results from the survey on social media and invite others to take it, too.

We hope that you enjoy these channels as much as we have done in creating it, and we wish Nigeria the best for the elections this year.

Remember to vote!

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