Redeem your vouchers with Opera News and Jumia and get your favorite items on Black Friday

Opera News and Jumia keep rewarding thousands of Kenyans everyday with Spin & Win, the catchy wheel of fortune mini game that you can play in the Opera News app.

If you are already an Opera News user and you recently became a winner, you might be wondering, “What do I do with my vouchers?” The answer is simple: redeem them!

To provide a way for you to redeem your vouchers, Opera News included a button called “My vouchers”, which is located on the lower-right corner of the prize wheel. Once you tap on it, you will see a list of the vouchers you have won with Spin & Win.

The first thing you will notice is that every voucher has a unique code. You will need to copy this code by long-tapping it, as shown in the animation below. Later, you will paste the code on Jumia’s website. Don’t worry, we’ll show you where to paste the code a little later.  

After copying the voucher code, tap on the yellow arrow located on the right side of the code. This will redirect you to Jumia’s website, where you can choose the item or items you want to use your vouchers for. You can shop for electronics, apparel, healthcare, beauty products and more.

Once you are satisfied with your items, proceed to checkout and register your account. After your account is registered (or you have signed up), paste the voucher code on the website under the “Got a voucher?” text box. The product will be shipped by Jumia to your address via post.

If the price of the item is bigger than the amount of the voucher, you can always pay the difference by using a debit or credit card.  In addition, vouchers from 350 KSh and up to 3,000 KSh, have a minimum amount of spend. This means that you can choose items from a higher value to redeem your vouchers.

The vouchers will save you up to 30 percent of the price of the item that you want. Here is a table that explains it better.

Voucher Minimum spend
3,000 KSh 10,000 KSh
2,500 KSh 7,000 KSh
1,000 KSh 5,000 KSh
500 KSh 1,500 KSh
350 KSh 1,000 KSh

Remember that you can redeem your vouchers from Nov. 2 to Dec. 8. If you are not yet an Opera News user, download the app here and start playing.

If you have more questions about Spin & Win, check out our FAQ here.

Thanks for using Opera News, and happy Black Friday!

Good luck!

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