2016 has been an amazing year for Opera Max. In May, we announced that Opera Max crossed the 10-million user mark. Today, the number of Opera Max monthly active users has hit 50 million!


Now Introducing VIP mode

Without you, it would not have been possible for us to reach such a significant milestone. We thank you for your continued support and feedback around Opera Max. To celebrate this achievement, today we introduce VIP mode: a way to get unlimited savings and privacy mode services from Opera Max.


We listened to your feedback and understood that some of you want to have an option to continuously use data saving and privacy features without any limits. Opera Max savings and privacy services are free but time limited. As you may know, running a cloud service for all of your app data, and compressing and encrypting it requires a lot of servers.

To make sure the service is sustainable and scalable to hundreds of millions of users, we disable the services after some time and ask you to come back and turn it back on while seeing an ad. But now, with the all-new VIP mode, you can get unlimited savings and privacy without topping up your timer. In exchange, an ad will show up on your charge screen. This will be visible on the lockscreen, but only when your phone is plugged in to charge.

When you switch on VIP mode, you’ll always get unlimited access to all of Opera Max’s features, even when your phone isn’t charging.

The most powerful data management and data saving app for all Android users

We believe Opera Max is the best deal on Android for a premium VPN service, especially if you consider that it’s also the best data savings service available on Android. This year, we added smart alerts to help people better manage their background data. Many of you find this feature very helpful since you are now able to monitor which apps consume the most background data and block them individually from using mobile data, which means lower costs. We also added privacy mode encrypts and anonymizes your app data while you’re on public Wi-Fi networks, making Android apps more private than unprotected iPhone apps.

We hope you like the new Opera Max


To responsibly scale this great value to hundreds of millions of users (for free), including ads in the product is a necessity. We hope you keep using Opera Max and continue supporting us as we work hard to bring you more and more great data savings, app management and Android privacy features.

As usual, please feel free to give us your feedback and comments.

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  • yup i am using opera max and its awesome.

    • Peko Wan

      Thanks for your kind words. It’s very encouraging to hear that 🙂

  • I would like to say that opera max is good, I loved it.
    However your decision by bundling it with meizu phone has ruined all that things. The integration is really bad, it closes other vpn apps I use eventho opera max has been disabled. The worse is it doesn’t remember my settings, all setting would be reset after rebooting the phone. It’s frustrating, now I’m not happy anymore.

    • Peko Wan

      Hi Gian, Opera Max is using VPN to save your data through our servers. And Android OS allows only one VPN app running at the same time. That’s why it closes other VPN apps when it is turning on. As for the setting issue, may I have more detail about it so that we can fix? For example, which setting of Opera Max is lost after you reboot the phone?

  • Zoya Ansari

    Opera is a Very Good Browser, but its New Version Opera Max is the Best Ever Browser to Saving Data of Your Android phones. I am taking lots of benefits of it.

    • Peko Wan

      Hi Zoya, thank you for your kind words. One minor correction. Opera Max is a VPN app that can manage and save your data for your apps, not a browser. Hope you like it 🙂

  • Good Job Opera.

    • Peko Wan

      Thank you, Merlina. Happy holidays to you 🙂

  • Yes Opera Is Good Browser And Saving Data Is Great Option .. When I am Using Sites Like http://anmusic.me Having Some Ads That Use More Data and Opera Mini Browser Helps To Save My Data Thank You and Love You Opera

  • Opera is the best. I started using it when I bought my first phone. It is very fast and I like its red theme. It look really good in mobile as well as on PC. Love it. Awesome work guys. Keep it up 🙂

  • Congratulations, I’m glad I’m the one of your 50 million

  • Jean-claude van Loo

    Opera is the best browser, I use it all the time!