Today, the Opera Max team updated our privacy mode filters by blocking apps sending requests to certain domains that are considered to be sharing users’ personal information to third parties without disclosure or the users’ consent.

The Kryptowire team discovered this issue recently, and it caught lots of attention in the media and on blogs like the New York Times, Fortune, TechCrunch, NDTV, and many, many others.

Within a couple of days, a different type of privacy risk was discovered around another software vulnerability in some Android devices. This one affects roughly 3,000,000 Android phones, according to Ars Tecnica. You can stay informed by reading the official US-CERT advisory here.

To protect Android users from these particular risks, we enhanced Opera Max’s privacy mode through a combination of filtering and additional encryption.
opera max privacy mode

If you’re not sure whether your Android device is affected or you simply want to be worry-free, download Opera Max from Google Play and use privacy mode. It’s a free app that can keep your privacy safe.

We hope you enjoy a faster and safer mobile internet with Opera Max’s privacy mode.

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  • Shagird

    Bitdefender av main function will be affected while browsing with Opera after this update? I didn’t installed latest version of Opera Max yet.

  • Shagird

    Opening listening ports like 5353 is the newest hobby for Google right now. Privacy mode is on…

  • lsauer

    It is a great tool, however I was solely installing it to compress data for the hotspot.
    However, Opera Max turns off automatically as soon as the hotspot is turned on, which is probably a strategic decision. But why?

  • Whao, everyday opera mini is getting better and better always

  • Opera my love and Opera is the best..Super Fast.

  • very nice applicattion.

  • Anekamovie365

    Did Opera mini lounch download manager?
    i need for downlad movie Snowden 2016 Subtitle Indonesia

  • Andrea

    [OT]: why in italian play store Opera Browser stand with an old version ?
    37.0.2192.105088 last update 15 june