After our initial beta release of the new Opera for Android a couple of weeks ago, we’ve gotten a lot of excellent feedback. That’s why we’re happy to release an upgrade that fixes many of the reported issues, and brings a number of new features as well — note that this will be a gradual rollout, so you might not get it right away.

Link to Download Opera beta

The first thing you’ll notice is that a brand new Discover experience is now available for all regions. You can subscribe to your favorite news channels, and in the Settings’ “News” section, you can configure things further to your liking, including disabling the news feature completely. Note that the Twitter login mentioned earlier is only available in selected regions at this point.

Now that we’re looking at Settings, you’ll notice that things have been grouped together in sections: Browser, News, Content, Privacy, Advanced and Help. We hope this will make it easier to find what you’re after.

One particular change worth noting in the Browser section: there is a “Full Screen” option to hide the bottom navigation bar when panning down on a page. Help us test it, and file a bug if you bump into issues!

Other things worth highlighting:

  • there is now a tablet mode, which is activated when you install the app on a tablet.
  • the three-dot menu has become more compact with an “Add to” sub-menu, and it even has a forward button!
  • the reading list is now renamed “offline pages”.
  • the red search box area on the front page is smaller, leaving more space for your Speed Dials.
  • Speed Dial sync is back!

Let us know what you think!

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  • Nico

    Thank you for the update, I just got it today but posted to your other Blog post, because I didn’t see this one (or it wasn’t online yet, I’m not sure). Anyway, here is my feedback for the new version:

  • jho

    I just discovered the Opera browser for Android although I am using Opera since the 6.x days.

    At Opera, is anybody left handed? In the old version the menu button was in the botton right area. Got accessable for lefties and righties. Now the menu is in the top right corner! My thumb cannot reach it. This is really annoying. Could you add the possibility to move it to the left? Or put it down again.

  • SimonPieman

    a day ago
    More UI madness. So many clicks to get to speed dial. Even a click to close it down (page opens behind it). Whoever is responsible for this mess should not be doing UI design.

    Random tabs, some you can close, some you can’t, drives me bonkers

  • Grzegorz Siuda

    There is a problem with this version. Every time I launch Opera for Android, it syncs my unsorted bookmarks (with Opera 41 for PC) and add them again and again with every start/ sync.
    So now I have multiple the same bookmarks in my “unsorted folder”. Tried already to reset the sync data but still no go. Any suggestions? No such problems with Opera – news& search (37.14.2192.107686) and previous beta. So now I have to turn off sync/ log out from my Android devices to prevent this mess in my bookmarks :(. Screenshot (sorted alphabetically to show the issue) :

  • juan david camargo pulido

    well I retested the beta after leaving the bad taste that left me, 1 meeting on the dial speed that is poorly responsive to certain icons and folders 2. still do not see the point for the red bar is hidden Opera. when it hides everything is way too flat. 3. looks horrible seems no longer generates fault me and closed, for now all goes well

    excuse my English, translator use, thanks for the great work they do and to keep improving. greetings from Bogota, Colombia

  • cicciazzo

    I think the bookmarks in “my folder” (on desktop) should be in their own “my folder” folder (on beta mobile). is this by design?
    also I’d prefer to see first the bookmarks section, and then the offline pages one.

  • Geo

    I liked A LOT the classic configuration where all the settings where in the O bottom right because everything was reachable with my thumbs . now the upper right settings … not easy to reach and not different from other browser. please give us the old O, bottom . it was unique. opera at a glance.
    …and please in reader mode give us the possibility to choose between serif or sans serif .

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  • bilgisayartamirhanesi

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