At Opera we keep experimenting and innovating to offer a faster, easier and better experience on the web. We were the first browser to offer an alternative to Safari for iOS, back in April 2010. iOS users can already choose Opera Mini, the small and fast browser with compression, and Opera Coast, the innovative browser that completely reimagines the web.

Today we introduce a pilot version of a new browser for iPhone and iPad. In it you will experience powerful features like data savings, Speed Dial, private mode, visual search, gestures and other innovations, in a clean and easy to use interface that’s designed for iOS.

Opera iOS test beta new browser app Apple fast safe data save

Want to take our new browser pilot for a spin? The browser is available globally. Enroll as an Opera tester by signing up here. If you are already an Opera tester, you will receive the browser as an update through TestFlight Beta Testing system. (Note: the Testflight build will replace your existing Opera Mini version and may affect your settings.)

We would love to hear what you think about our new browser. Bugs, suggestions, questions? Discuss with us in the forum or use the built-in “Send feedback” feature under the O menu. Thanks!


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  • Zero Kiryu

    Instead of creating thousands of new browsers maybe you could just add these innovations into your current Opera browser (iOS and Android versions)?

    • Ruth_opera

      Hey Zero, fair question! This time around we had so much we wanted to get feedback on (without disrupting the current apps for you guys) that we felt it was better to have it in a separate channel to be tested by a small group of people. Depending on the feedback we’ll then decide how to bring it all together 🙂 hope this answers your question and would love to get your thoughts on this version /R

      • xirit64

        Can’t help but to agree, Opera for Android beta’s latest version was in June and is still sitting on chromium 50 while chrome beta is already at 53, what is really happening, have you completely abandoned Opera for Android? Those bugs like the tab selector which hangs the browser and incomplete features like disabling images who don’t do what they promise (saving precious bandwidth) are still there!

        • Ruth_opera

          Appreciate the comment xirit, since this is a post about the iOS browser I won’t go too much in to Android chat but I will say that we have big plans for Android and important updates coming (thus the delay in regular updates). Quite the opposite of abandoning it! Sorry I can’t give more details at the moment

          • xirit64

            Thanks Ruth, at least that sounds reassuring and exciting. Please feel free to tell us another place where you can speak freely about the Opera for Android, about the ETA and the likes :p

          • xirit64

            Also I hope that these new big plans are not too extremely overambitious to have the Speed Dial removed, as seen in that other US browser experiment of yours 😮

  • NimeshT

    Looks like a mix of Coast and Mini.
    Coast is still coming to Android or has the plans canceled?

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Nimesh, recently some of the team working on Coast has been part of the above release (thus your observations about the similarities hold true! Best of both worlds maybe?). We had to put the plans to bring Coast to Android on hold at least for a little while but we’ll update you when we have news on it 🙂

  • damalyx

    edit: received the 2nd mail an hour after the first one 😀

    nice interface there! feels authentically ios
    i wish this can reach feature parity to the android’s mini (night mode, page slider, jump to top/bottom) without abandoning the extreme compression option from previous ios’ opera

    • zlauder

      Hi damalyx, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the browser! Glad it feels right at home on iOS for you, and that you’re also enjoying the Opera Mini features on Android. We’ll pass your inputs on to the product team. 🙂

  • Hadley Zedras

    Why no sync with other devices option available through this version?

    • zlauder

      Thanks for your feedback! This is a pilot version of the browser, though it does support syncing with iCloud, so you can have the same favorites on all your iOS devices.

  • Thank you for IOS

  • jedy123

    Looks promising so far. Clearly it’s fairly feature light as it’s just a test browser. Some things I’d like to see:

    Favourites should be more like speed dial. I’d like to be able to drag a site onto another to create a folder. Also it looks too spread out. The sites should be closer together so as to fit more on screen.

    Needing to scroll to the top of a site to reload the page is annoying. Perhaps a reload icon that’s always visible could be used somewhere on the browser.

    There needs to be an option to open links in a separate tab when you hold your finger on the link as I don’t always want to navigate away from the page I’m on.

    • zlauder

      Thanks for sharing all that feedback, and taking the time to write it up! We’ll pass that onto the development team.

  • Rosario Ross Cracchiolo

    I’m sad opera wont let me beta test. i was late to the party. opera closed it quick. I’m always on Twitter telling Ruth and others from opera i love everything opera. I’m a cheerleader

  • jedy123

    Just noticed a bug today on my iPad that when I hold my finger over a link to get to the copy and + icons, they disappear very quickly and I am unable to select any of them.

  • duhduhduh0

    I never understood the data savings option. What does the Load images in Low/Medium/High means? Choosing to load images in that particular format?

    Yet the images shows pretty low quality on the slider on “High”

  • Hadley Zedras

    What exactly is ‘Request Desktop Sites’ Re : Version 15.00.108128

  • Kai Ockendorf

    Good morning! Wanted to test it but haven’t got a reply or an e-Mail from Opera 🙁 guess they reached the limited number of 2000 testers already…but a short text would have been nice like: sorry, this is already booked up…but nothing!

  • fitria pipit