What are the differences between Opera Max and Opera VPN?

If you’re on an Android and you use both Opera Max and Opera VPN, you would see that only one app will function at a time.

So, what are the differences and why have two apps?

Opera Max and Opera VPN have different uses so you can choose to enable one of them depending on what you need. Here’s a quick rundown:

Opera Max: Data management

Opera Max is designed for data management and data savings. It offers data counters, app management and smart alerts to notify users excessive background data usage.
opera max - what are the differences between opera max and opera vpn

Opera VPN: Full VPN service

Opera VPN allows you to change your virtual location and stop sites from tracking you around the web. It’s our newest app for Android so we’re looking forward to hearing more of what you think about it.
opera vpn - what are the differences between opera max and opera vpn

If you have more questions about Opera Max and Opera VPN, please also feel free to ping us on Twitter.

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