Today we are piloting a new take on mobile browsers, with a strong emphasis on news discovery, social media and search.

This new version of Opera is an experiment where we focus on delivering you a personalized newsfeed based on your interests and social media connections. Our concept browser also has a new look and feel, with Android design elements and new navigation.

Blog Post ImageWe are looking to get real-life users to test this product. Wanna give it a try? You can find it in the  U.S. Google Play store. We encourage you to try it out and tell us what you think, and great if you can report any bugs you might find.

Try out Opera browser – news & search in Google Play.

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  • NimeshT

    Why restrict only to US?

    • Ruth_opera

      Since it’s quite new we just wanted to pilot to one group for now (if there are any major bugs it’s easier for us to track and squash them). Hoping to expand soon depending on the feedback but we’ll keep you posted 🙂

  • Ruth_opera

    Hey Firdaus, thanks for the report! The tab bug should be fixed in the next update (let me know if you have any more issues with it) and I’m passing on your comments about the crash and popups.
    Still early days but looking forward to bringing you more functionality 🙂 keep me up to date with your experience

  • Ariane Lu


    Unavailable in my region.
    It’s not safe to download it form other mobile software store but i will do this.

    Edit: Looks not good, news need more mobile data on startup

    • Ruth_opera

      Hey Ariane, thanks for checking it out and giving feedback (remember, if you download from an unofficial site be sure it’s one you trust!). Very happy to hear you like it so far 🙂
      Can you tell me a bit more about what you mean about “news need more mobile data on startup”?

      • Ariane Lu

        As you see, new Opera add something like ‘recommend news’ in start page, it will auto refresh on app startup, this will use more mobile data, it’s not a big problem if only Opera do this.

        But, a lot of app add news feature to there home page, or page bottom, this will use a lot of mobile data every months.

        Why new Opera lock search engine as Sogou and Baidu in China?
        As developer, we see them as refuse, because we almost can’t get any right result like API Docs, software home page. Even they removed all result about project on github.

        Just let us choose Bing or Google, Never, Never, Never use Sogou or Baidu

  • Herr Pietrus

    Do you want to remove the SD from new mobile Opera? :O And do you think that it will replace already existing Opera for Android? Or is it some kind of new Opera Coast? Doesn’t look good on screenshoots…

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Herr, appreciate you checking it out and bringing all those questions! Not sure how many I can answer at this time though. For now, this is just something we are piloting to see what people think and get lots of feedback 🙂 what happens after that depends what the users think of it.
      It’s not linked to Opera Coast, it’s more like a different version of Opera for Android.
      If you’re in the US and can give it a whirl please do so and let me know what you think!

  • Jose Diaz

    Hi. People are reporting that hijacked phones are being forced to download this app . Can you please look into this?

  • @chan

    The speed of loading webpage is very slow , animation in tab switcher is laggy

  • Firdaus Ahmad

    i think it’s time for Full Screen Mode and Offline Mode. i’m enjoying using this browser so far.

  • siyangqiu

    All in all, I prefer the old Opera for Android: speed dial, adblock, address bar hides when you are reading something. I already have feedly for news reading, so I’m not really interested in the news page.

  • Kaise Kamaye Tips

    I prefer opera and now these concept are going to make me carzy. I love opera i think this is best browser after Google chrome.

    Regards WhatsApp

  • Kaise Kamaye Tips

    Opera mini downloading speed is slow.
    You should work on it.

    Opera browsing speed is good and UC downloading speed is good.
    Blogging Tips

    • Kaise Kamaye Tips
    • Kaise Kamaye Tips


  • garry

    How about an emphasis on browsing and looking at what we want, instead of forced content.