A phone screen is much smaller than a desktop computer, and getting ads while browsing on your phone has become even more intrusive.

Here are three different ways you can get a smoother, ad-free browsing experience on your mobile.

Use a browser with a built-in ad blocker

In case you miss it, we’ve just launched an ad blocker in our Android browser, Opera Mini. You will not find an easier and faster way to block ads while browsing than with a built-in ad blocker. All you need to do is install the Opera Mini mobile browser (or update it to the latest version if you’re already an Opera Mini user). If it’s your first time using it, when starting up Opera Mini you will be prompted to enable the new ad blocking feature. If you were already part of the family, just go to the O menu > Savings mode > Block ads. Ad blocking is available in both savings modes: high and extreme.

image: how to block ads on android with Opera Mini browser

Block ads on Android via host file replacement

For the more tech-savvy or adventurous types that like digging in their Androids and have them rooted, this is one way to go.

  1. Get your hands on a third-party source, which is the host’s file you want to download that will direct all ad sites to a different IP address. There are many like  MVPS, pgl.yoyo.org, hostfile.mine.nu or MoaAB that are recently updated.
  2. Save this host’s file and copy-paste/overwrite it to /system/etc on your Android. You will need a file manager like ES File Explorer to do so.
  3. Reboot your Android and enjoy!

If you are looking for a more detailed tutorial, check out this easy-to-follow forum thread.

Test a third-party app to block ads on Android

We’ve tried several ad-blocking apps, but very few have worked consistently. Adguard is one that has. You don’t need to have your phone rooted and it works perfectly on mobile data. However, while Adguard might run smartphone wide, it doesn’t necessarily work on all apps or block all ads.

image: how to block ads on android

Though it’s not available on Google Play anymore, it’s definitely worth checking out! You can find out more about it on its site.

If you know of any other ways to block ads on Android, drop us a line in the comments below or in any of our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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  • Tinovaziva

    I have a question can I white list specific sites so that their ads will show or is this a wholesale block

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  • Kaise Kamaye Tips

    wow this is wonder information for blocking ads, actually they disturb too much.
    Thanks for sharing such a killer and informative post.


  • I always prefer the Adguard …

    • Jacqueline S.

      Adguard is a great app Norton! 🙂 Hope you can check out other options as well.

  • Kaise Kamaye Tips

    very informative posy 🙂
    I prefer Adgurad ♥♥♥


  • Minhaz Leo
  • Hi very good
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  • Thanks for sharing this steps to blog ads its really helpful to all users.

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  • ghassan Doughaidi
  • Host file replacement seemed complicated to me. I have to spend my time on trying it too. By the way, other ways helped a lot. Thanks.

    • Jacqueline S.

      Your very welcome gazeteilan! Glad to know we could offer some new alternatives to block ads to you 🙂

  • its so helpful for me because last few days i was facing problem with this for removing adds its so annoyed to me.

    • Jacqueline S.

      It’s good news to know this blog post helped you Gail 🙂 Thank you for your comment!

  • This post is very important to me and a lot of thanks for sharing about blocking ads on android. It was needful for me .

    • Jacqueline S.

      This is great!! Super happy to know that Jasmine!! Thank you for passing by 🙂

  • Kaise Kamaye Tips

    wow ads blocker in opera.
    This is best news of 2016. Thanks for doing this.
    I was frustrated by ads

    WhatsApp se kamane ke 5 tarike

    • Jacqueline S.

      Aw thank you for you kind words Kaise 🙂 Glad to know you find this post useful.

  • Kaise Kamaye Tips

    ad blocker !
    ohh good one !

    • Jacqueline S.

      Hey Kaise! Thank you for passing by 🙂

  • Adguard only works on Yandex Browser and Samsung devices

  • How do I create android apps for these site http://www.kalitelibeslenme.com/

  • Josiah Li

    Is there a way to whitelist specific sites? Some sites won’t load with ad blockers enabled. Other sites have a broken layout. It would be nice to have a simple button to white list sites.