We are conducting a test of an all-new Opera Max 2.0 design on Android. This test version will be available for 2,000 users only in each of these countries: the USA, U.K., South Africa, and India. We will remove this version from Google Play as soon as we get enough testers.

test opera max 2.0

This version comes with a completely new design to make it easier for the users to understand the state of Opera Max in action:

1. Adding an “easy button”. We’ve simplified VPN connection states, network states (Mobile vs Wi-Fi, Savings On/Off) into a single button that is color coded into 3 states:

  • Red is for urgent attention from the user. When the Opera Max VPN is off, or there has been loads of data usage from lots of apps since the last time you boosted and got a summary from Opera Max. By taking a quick look at some of the stats Opera Max will give you after the boost, you will be able to make better data-management decisions.
  • Orange for issues of medium urgency, such as when some of your apps have used an amount of data, and there’s not that much of a change in your data-usage / data-savings stats since the last boost. This is also for when you need to refresh the data-saving stats, so they reflect the actual savings.
  • Green means “everything is fine”. You can feel zen, knowing Opera Max has your back.

2. Delivering better online protection with the all-new Protect Wi-Fi feature. Opera Max now gives you a quick-view way in the UI to see the state of your Wi-Fi hotspot network. Also, there is a new “easy” button, so you can encrypt all your Wi-Fi data usage with one tap.

This easy button is a new way for users to interact with the Opera Max app. We expect users to actively engage with Opera Max and gain a better understanding of how the data-saving benefits it is delivering.

If you are in the U.S., the U.K., South Africa or India and are interested in participating in our Opera Max 2.0 test program, we would love to hear from you. Please go install Opera Max 2.0 from Google Play now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.max.two.

To boost or not to boost? We are grateful to have your feedback. Because of you, more people can have a better mobile data experience.

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    When will Opera with the adblock function?

  • I saw this earlier today on Android Police and was concerned about the “boost” wording but you made it a bit clearer. Basically, it’s not killing apps and boosting no matter what color the button is but by hitting the button you get tips on what you can do to help reduce data in addition to Opera Max compressing it?

    I still think it should be worded differently though because Android users don’t like the word Boost because it’s associated with shady placebo security apps that are only there to spam your device with ads. Clean Master is a good example of a bad app doing that.

    • Peko Wan

      Hi Brandon, thank you for your feedback! It’s very helpful to know how people feel about the word- Boost. That’s why we want to test it before officially launching to all markets. Yes, the boost option will also give you suggestions on how to further enhance your mobile or Wi-Fi data-usage experience.

      Examples of recommended actions include:
      * How to increase data savings by tweaking settings in Opera Max
      * How to protect their Wi-Fi usage with encryption
      * Which apps have achieved Top Savings
      * Which apps are using the most of your data

      As for ads, we have plans to implement ads. They will be relevant, non-intrusive ads (perhaps 1-2 ads per day) to make our ends meet. As you know, Opera Max is a cloud service that like VPNs carries a lot of data traffic on behalf of all your apps on your Android device. This results in a substantial infrastructure cost to Opera (paying for servers, renting space, paying for power, cooling, and data bandwidth for carrying all the data usage of tens of millions of users…). For the people who don’t want ads, we are also thinking about providing options for them to use Opera Max without watching ads. Stay tune for more update from us 🙂

      • Well maybe try playing on the brand name? Maximize might be a good word as it means to “make the most of” which in this case is of the user’s data and can be incorporated into branding and advertisements easily.

        • Peko Wan

          It’s very cool, Brandon. I like this idea! Will share with our product team for naming reference 😀

  • ryraansh

    Any idea when the Opera VPN app will be coming to Android?

    • Peko Wan

      We are working on it now. Almost there…

  • ga_pechorin

    i have been using opera since 2003 and for some reason, i dont trust this app. boost what? urgent? why something is urgent on my phone? does it mean there is something wrong? dangerous? what can it happen if i dont “boost” my phone? i dont know… i dont like it… opera max offers me the possibility of compressed data, i can understand this and i can choose, this is telling me my phone is ALL WRONG! with a big red button i must press or it will explode or something… i dont want to feel unsafe and definitely, i dont want to check my phone every x minutes to see if there is something wrong and i dont want to have to interact more often only for “having it”… my english is not very good, i hope you understand my point: i want to feel safe and relaxed, not paranoid for something i didnt even know it existed.

    • Peko Wan

      Understood your points and concern. This is valuable for us to know how you feel about this new design. Thank you!

  • kal

    Hopefully this version will use less battery than the first

  • Nikki Bella

    i hope this version will helpfull for people . Nicole Garcia Colace

  • I hope i get choosen to test it first! Im exicited about these news. Better online protection means more happy users. Thanks for it.

  • Prince Muzmil

    i hope this is very informative and helpful for everyone.
    Paige Wrestler