Latest Update 17/02/17:

Since we cannot work on keeping the performance of Opera Mini on Windows Phone to the standard that we would like, we have made the decision to remove the app from the Windows Phone store.
This does not affect existing users who can continue to use the browser. We are still monitoring for critical issues but there will be no more updates or features.

Our teams were really excited to work on Windows Phone and we hope the platform developers create a bright future for it 🙂


Original post:

Since we released our stable version of Opera Mini for Windows Phone in June 2015, we’ve done a lot to improve the app. But, more recently, we have had to hold off on active development.

We’ve received so much support (you guys rock!) but also a lot of questions about what our plans are for the app this year. Hopefully I can help answer some of those now.

So, when can we expect an update for Opera Mini on Windows Phone?

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 16.40.08

In short: no major updates are planned for the next few months. This is, of course, not set in stone, and we’re hoping to review the platform later this year. But, right now, the small team who were working on the Windows Phone app are now dedicating their time to our other apps on iOS or Android.

Having said that, we will continue to make sure the browser on Windows Phone is still secure to use. The developers are also keeping an eye on bugs to fix major annoyances as they can (so keep your bug reports coming in!).

Wait, didn’t you just update the app not long ago?

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 16.39.29


Some of you saw that a surprise update came to the browser not that long ago. This brought a fix to a bug that we saw was affecting a lot of people and we were able to bring a fix to. Although the team who built Opera Mini for Windows phone aren’t actively bringing updates to it, they still want to keep it running smoothly.


What about a Universal Windows Platform app?

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 16.40.39

Since we also have a pretty cool desktop browser designed for Windows, we’ve discussed  bringing out a universal app at some point. However, at this time we don’t have the resources to work on this.

When we review our outlook for the mobile platform later this year, this particular project will be high on our wish list.

Why don’t you just port your iOS version of Opera Mini to Windows Phone?

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 16.41.33

You may have seen other apps like Instagram take their iOS version and port it to the Windows Platform. This basically means you’ll be served the same app on each operating system. This allows, companies to spend less development resources.

This is a great solution for some apps, and our teams did look into it as a possibility, but unfortunately it wasn’t a good solution. A browser is a much more complex animal than other apps (which is why we enjoy making them).

Why are you focused so much on Android and iOS?

Simply put, that’s where our strengths and biggest user communities are. We’d be building cool stuff on every platform and operating system in the world if we could. But, right now, we’re focusing more on the platforms that can help us make the most positive impact on the web and web technologies.

When will we be able to sync on Windows Phone?

We know this is a big sticking point right now, but it’s a massive project, and we can’t promise that we can deliver it this year.

Where can I report bugs to you guys?

Go to Report a problem in the Opera Mini settings menu; we’re still keeping an eye out for them. 🙂

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  • Mayank Parmar

    that’s not good you just can’t do this

    • Ruth_opera

      Sorry to be the barer of bad news for you Mayank 🙁 We have discussed it a lot internally. Let’s see how the future pans out

      • Rj Navendu Kumar

        ruth madam it appears opera is now days just seeing mkt part why half things are done atleast give us book mark sycronisation I dont feel any product requires so much time when we can build windows 10 new version every month cant opera use microsoft porting tools and give windows book mark scyronisation I appreciate you gave clear picture of product appreciated but it just spoils name of opera company showing the company cant even make full and stable and book amrk scyronsiation

      • Rj Navendu Kumar

        I am sad seeing that every platform you arejust disappearing first symbian now windows it is 2 years now and still book mark sycronisation has not come what does it shows excuse for not having people or not able to give a goood stable product when opera can make new builds for andriod why not windows why half baked products what it shows it shows ? I should ask ruth madam personally I am also working for microsoft and since last 1 year if we can give 3 gb builds total 2 every month why cant opera give a 2 mb product stable with full working book mark are opera engineers now dont have any work or they need excuses to walk away from half baked products why opera requires month to decide on something pl answer? this shows mangement is not capable to understand product and its value stilll andriod opera is bult new but book mark is not working in andriod so this is now a question on ability of engineers of opera they are building new build for opera and still book mark dont work for stable products also so where opera technical people stands now?

    • Matts Computer Support

      Yep we’ll do this, this and this, we can offer these features Next minute lets stop support. They do what they want, when they want.
      But at least they’ve been open and have made an app.
      Where’s Google and Mozilla? Must be stuck in a field.

  • Damian eDameXxX Stępnik

    Thanks for clarification.

    • Ruth_opera

      Thanks for your support Damian 🙂

  • Merkulov Sergey

    At least , thank you for the truth . Sad, you lose more and more of another Chinese company with their browser (UC).

    • Ruth_opera

      Appreciate your support Merkulov 🙂 and nothing wrong with a bit of competition 😛 it makes us strive to work harder and develop better technologies!

    • Pritam Das

      UC and Opera (mini) are different products for different people. Opera Mini is excellent with terrible connections and low memory phones, no other browser including UC can do that. And until very recently UC showed some web pages like total crap but surprisingly they have improved shit a lot.

  • You lose your time. IE was not useful browser but Edge is good browser and we don’t need Opera. But nice to have choice.

    • Ruth_opera

      That’s the great thing about having browser choice 🙂 exciting to see what Edge does over the next few months and we’ll just keep working to make sure Opera can offer different aspects and be useful to people. Appreciate your comment Dawid!

  • DT Bhattacharjee

    well, 3% is small amount but still a amount. Sorry to say but really we don’t need opera unless its a Universal App, there are some browsers like Surfy making my day even some Chinese browsers and other browsers using Edge Engine which even also very good.

    Even downloading sucks on Opera so who use it? And listen about PC app ?? Who use Opera in PC though ? we’ve inbuilt edge and Chrome even Mozilla, for secure connection Tor. Seriously you’re the Windows Phone OS for PC Browser world. Millions of people maybe don’t even know if there are any PC browser exist from Opera.

    About Android ? I never see any of my friend using Opera either they do with the super fast Chrome or UCWeb has a very very better app even UCMini from UCWeb far better than Opera in Android.

    About iOS? Lots of my colleagues use iPhone, they either use Safary or Mozilla or Chrome, you seriously thinking ignoring WP will give you rest ?

    Then listen, if you make a UWA you can be in track, people will know Opera at least has a One Browser for all Windows 10 devices. Else, Opera will be always a underrated browser.

    UWP is a great door to be famous,

    • Ruth_opera

      Appreciate your view point DT. As you say, there is a lot of other popular choices on iOS and Android but we still have very large user bases on there and we need to focus on those for now.
      Sounds like you’ve not had a good experience of using Opera on other devices and on PC which I’m sorry to hear 🙁
      As a Windows Phone user I understand that without a UWP Opera app then Opera may not be as useful to you, and the other browsers may be a better option for you in that sense.
      We’re not out to be famous 😛 This decision purely comes down to how best can our teams use their skills to benefit the most amount of people.

      I’m really rooting for Windows Phone and hope the situation changes in the year but until then appreciate your honest feedback 🙂

  • garry

    The lack of software for minority platforms is a problem that contributes towards them remaining minority platforms. I know this from owning a BB10 BlackBerry device but I totally understand from a developers point of view that it can make little commercial sense to spend time and money developing for other platforms when you can cover 90+% of the entire market by just sticking with Android and iOS.

    • Ruth_opera

      Very good point Garry. I’ve used Blackberry devices and Windows Phone devices before and it’s frustrating feeling the lack of development for apps on them. I was really rooting for Windows Phone to be a solid alternative and the Opera Mini developers obviously felt the same. Hopefully Microsoft can inject in to the platform more this year and it will encourage more developers to get on board.
      Working for an underrated ‘minority’ browser company makes this particularly poignant

  • Ruth_opera

    Easier said than done but of course it has been considered. Like mentioned, hopefully we can review this year 🙂

  • Sounds about right.

  • Joaquín García

    Total fraud, left abandoned as wp platform while the other is always updated and are able to match a google chrome

  • I think now updates are released from opera team right?

  • Sad, but understandable. At least I hope in future you will reconsider UWP app and that becomes viable for you.

  • I am waiting for your massive project about sync it with Windows Phone. I’ve been big fan of Opera and cant wait big update.