Have you ever dug deep into the settings in your browser? Browser settings often go unnoticed, since most of us use browsers to stay connected or for  quick answers to our day-to-day questions.
But, browser settings are a handy way to get more control over your browsing.


Here are three awesome Opera Mini browser settings you should know about.

Change your browser layout

On Opera Mini, you decide how you want your browser to look. Our browser settings enable you to choose between three layouts:

  • Phone – This layout maximizes the viewing area on your device; this layout gives you a cleaner, more full screen look on your phone, with only the search tab at the top.   


  • Classic – This layout gives you the flexibility to navigate the browser with  one hand, so you can access your settings and data savings overview more quickly and easily, even when on the move.    


  • Tablet – When you want to easily add multiple tabs and switch between them on your Opera Mini, this is the setting you should go for. With this layout, you can see all your open tabs at the top of the screen.


Save your mobile data

Data savings is one of the best mobile browser settings, since it could help you save more on your mobile data. It also helps you browse faster when you hit bad network conditions.  Here’s a breakdown of  these browser settings in Opera Mini:

  • Extreme-savings mode – When you browse in this mode, you can connect faster in bad network conditions, while saving up to 90% of your mobile data. This browser setting is also proven to help you extend the battery life of your phone! Read more here


  • High-savings mode – With this mode, you get the best mobile web experience and still save tons of data. This browser setting is best when your network conditions are good.


  • Video boost – For less buffering when watching videos on your phone,  enable video boost. This feature reduces the size of video data, enabling videos to load faster without eating up much of your mobile data.  

Choose to connect faster with Socket/HTTP

One of the unsung but useful browser settings  is the option to let Opera Mini choose between HTTP and Socket/HTTP. This choice is available when you’re using extreme-savings mode; just hit the “O” button and go to the savings summary.

Think of these browser settings as the middleman between Opera’s servers and the Opera Mini browser. The Socket/HTTP browser setting is faster and cost efficient, whereas HTTP is a fallback when your operator does not support a customized socket/HTTP setting.

Download Opera Mini and try these browser settings! Tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Been using Opera Mini on iOS since it hit iOS

    • Katz

      Keep on keeping on @chas4 🙂 you should tell us about some of your favorite features.

      • I surprised Opera one time when I got a 96% data savings using Opera Mini

        Also make browsing on weak cell connections a bit better (using data compress to have less data to receive)

        • Katz

          That is correct @chas4 Opera Mini can save you up to 90% of your data, it is crazy awesome that you had saved 96%.

          • I know I surprised Opera on Twitter with a screenshot of it

  • Vendeline Venus

    opera on android its better now… and I think this setting will more better for opera mini.. http://www.blessteaasli.com/

    • Katz

      Hi @vendelinevenus:disqus great that you taking note of the awesome settings we bring forth. 🙂

  • Any plans to roll out SurfEasy integration into Opera Mini?

    • Katz

      Hi @digitizedsociety:disqus we will sure let you know if there are plans. 🙂

  • smhui

    Why microsoft reported that there are some abnormal login activities in USA which is outside my country when I used Opera Mini to login outlook.com?

  • opera is my browser defaul, thank you. this setting useful for me.

  • My main problem with watching videos solved. I had problem with data saving too, using Opera Mini helped more than i thought. Thanks

  • You have Shared a great informative post here about opera mini browser settings . I’m impress to see your helpful post .

  • Kaise Kamaye Tips

    you have shared awesome information as i was hoping.
    thanks for sharing 1

  • Ashish Raina

    How can I access power user settings in opera mini beta ver 19?