As many of you may have heard, a group of Chinese internet firms, including Kunlun and Qihoo 360 and, have made an offer for Opera. Just an important FYI: this deal is yet to be finalized, as our investors have to decide whether or not they want to sell their shares.

With #Opera trending in the news, I want to take this opportunity to share with you some thoughts for the future of the Opera mobile products you’ve come to know and trust. Understandably, you might be wondering how an acquisition like this would impact Opera’s mobile products. Opera has always been a key player in shaping the internet landscape, and, rest assured, we will of course continue to do so. But, to be able to get our great technology in front of more people, we need to broaden the people we cooperate with and the technology we can use. So, what really excites us about today, is the opportunity it presents for us to work so closely together with another big internet player. Today, Opera has over 350 million users, while our Chinese friends have 500 million. So, that’s a combined user group of some 800 million people – people just like you and me. That is massive. It would put Opera right up there together with the really really big tech giants.  

Even though this deal will give us a bigger foothold, the people behind Opera remain the same. The same teams will be developing and delivering the mobile browsers Opera for Android, Opera Mini for Android, Opera Mini for iOS and Opera Coast for iOS, as well as our data-management app, Opera Max.

Opera for computers is also still going strong, and its team is eager to start 2016 with a fresh focus on bringing really exciting, innovative features to your browser.
And, remember, we are online in our social-media channels where you can talk to us. You can ping me on my Twitter profile. We are also present as a community page on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Cristian Otegui

    I felt sad early in the morgning when I heard this in the news. Come back to Presto. Forget about Chromiums. I love Opera Mini.

    • Ruth_opera

      To be honest with you Cristian I was a bit nervous ay first too. But I think having strong values and focus and setting the standard for Internet tech is important for Opera and will remain so 🙂 We plan that this (like the switch to Chromium) will help us create better products and reach more people.
      Really glad you like Opera Mini! If you have any feedback or questions let us know

  • senja1

    “The same teams will be developing and delivering the mobile browsers Opera for Android, Opera Mini for Android, Opera Mini for iOS and Opera Coast for iOS, as well as our data-management app, Opera Max.”
    You did not mention Opera Mini for Windows mobile. Does this mean that will no longer be Opera Mini for Windows Mobile? Or is it just a typo?

    • Ruth_opera

      Good spot! Actually our teams and priorities have changed there. Nothing to do with this news, it’s been an ongoing thing for a while where we’ve been reviewing the development of the platform and where it’s going. To be honest it looks like we won’t be putting resources in to it for the next few months, unless something changes. Sorry if that comes as bad news, always been a supporter of the device myself.

      • Tomáš Němeček

        If you´re serious, then GOODBYE OPERA! We are here with Windows Mobile

        • Angela Wang

          I’m sorry to hear that 🙁 we did not have a large enough user base on Windows to have a development team to keep the app with new features. I hope you can understand 🙂 /Angela

          • No, you closed the blogs & the forums instead of hiring a spam swatter or coding a few scripts.

    • Tomasz Jamroszczak

      Opera Mini for Windows Phone still works and will be present in the Windows Phone Store. We still make improvements on the server side of Mini. It’s just client features which are on hold.

  • João Gonçalves

    Opera will now be bundled with Baidu Browser.

    • Ruth_opera

      Hey Joăo, would be sorry to see you go! Our plans are to continue handling our products the same as we have been (except for our improvement plans as stated above). If you have any feedback on how we can make our apps better or any other questions let me know 🙂

      • ouzowtf

        I would really like to see Opera for Android to get a visual (material design menus and so on) and functional (options for cookies, gestures to at least close the current tab/open a new one/open the tab view) makeover.

  • jedy123

    The headline to this article is a god one. We should continue to use Opera as normal and wait and see if this acquisition goes ahead. It could be a positive turning point for Opera for all we know. Maybe this will help Opera to grow into a much bigger and more profitable company?

    • Angela Wang

      Thank you for the encouragement 🙂 We will keep the communication with users going here on the blogs and on social media, as we have always put great value on our community and the transparency in communication between us and our users. Please stay in touch 🙂 /Angela

  • You know, you will be owned by someone else now, and if that new owners demand that you discard features or add specific features the owner wants to have in Opera, you have to obey.

    With this deal you will get rid of the rest of freedom you had, but granted, a big part of that freedom was already taken away by shareholders and stockholders who forced Opera already to give up on tons of customization and forced you to go Chromium way just to be more cheaper to produce. As a browser developer with focus on experienced users it was your duty to say that you ignore that wishes and keep your features. Yet you have bowed down and surrendered to that outside demands. It can be highly expected that you will do the same now with every command from that Chinese owners – saying yes instead of no when it still would be better to refuse.

    Your future is no longer secured, congratulations, you just have managed to discredit yourselves!

    • Tomasz Jamroszczak

      There will be room for Scandinavian consensus as it is today.

    • Ruth_opera

      I really understand your concerns and all we can do now is offer what we know to be facts at this stage. Yes we may have new owners soon and yes there has been less focus on innovative features in recent times (although we’ve done some pretty cool stuff too) which is something we’re aware of and is now a new priority. For any company to succeed you need to put the needs/demands of your users first (without a stronger user base we don’t exist).
      We’ve made big plans for our products, for this year, to make sure the user experience comes first and we want to be at the forefront of browser technology. Of course I can’t guarantee anything now and the proof will be in the pudding. But what I can tell you is that while Opera still has people like myself, my colleagues and the other passionate teams, we’ll be pushing for what’s right for our user communities.
      If you have any questions or specific concerns you can reach me at and I’ll be happy to try and answer what I can 🙂

      • Does not matter, i am using Vivaldi, the real new browser for power users, the user group you have abandoned for supporting not that much demanding users

  • Great Dude

    I hope the best for Opera products, Opera team and Opera users .

    I will wait and see but please consider this carefully and be sure that many big companies are sinister companies that doesn’t have the good values you have even though they may seem or promises that.

    I guess that you can gain more money by other ways like making especial extensions for specific big sites like Alibaba or by having shares like what Google did , people who own this shares can take money but can’t make decisions.

    • Angela Wang

      Hi! Thank you for your sincerity and well wishes. It is a joint wish and decision from the company that Opera does not adopt the nationality of its shareholders. Opera is still a Norwegian company subject to Norwegian law /Angela

  • Bryan James

    I believe Opera would have an interesting advantage if it also supported HTML5 programming through BASIC, in addition to Javascript. The BASIC community is still alive and vibrant even to this day and it’s something you could take advantage of to increase your lead, no matter what the “hardcore” programmers say. Think about it: in the eighties and up to the nineties, most computers, including the IBM PC, had BASIC built in (accessible through an interrupt call for IBMs or if no disk drives were detected). Most of the fathers and the grandfathers teaching the kids how to program computers today know BASIC. It’s a language one can become familiar with within a week.

    So if you’re serious about increasing your market share, make sure each version of Opera browsers can also interpret BASIC or can transpile BASIC to javascript. For a good version of BASIC to implement just to get started take a look at

    Make sure even the browser on Nintendo software can be programmed that way, include the documentation (I’m not asking for an over-engineered class library), ignore the gray beards and you’ll soon be the preferred browser among people learning to program.

  • I really *really* hope this deal doesn’t turn out badly in the long run. My initial thought was instant negativity, but reading this post made me feel better. I like the idea of Opera being on equal footing in the browser wars with Chrome and Safari, but not of how creepy/sleazy Qihoo 360 apparently is ( ).

    Still, if nothing else, I’ve started development on my own browser months ago. Of course, it’s just a side-project but I’ll have something to fall back on…I just distrust anything from Google/Alphabet and Safari is just…no. Firefox doesn’t do simple CSS things properly. I really have no other option so I *hope* Opera doesn’t change for the worse.

    EDIT: Fixed link.

    • Ruth_opera

      Thanks for reading our post about it and I understand your initial scepticism to change like this. The goal is to really prove ourselves this year (beyond what we have) as well as show we’re still the same Opera people know and trust 🙂 so your support means a lot!
      Sounds like a cool project you’ve got going and good on you for being actively involved. More people shaping the web the better!

  • Flavoi

    Thank you for letting us know, communication is much appreciated! If you need more money to support and improve the product, get them. The point for me is: don’t sell out your identity, please.
    Best of luck Opera team 🙂

    • Ruth_opera

      Couldn’t agree more with you Flavoi 🙂 your support means a lot to us thanks!

  • skeezix

    “….the people behind Opera remain the same. The same teams will be developing and delivering the [product]…..” That’s cool! But for how long?

    Nothing about the Chinese state’s heavy-handed influence over Chinese business (especially tech), the internet or cybersecurity is very reassuring to me. I love Opera – use it all the time on my phone, but would quickly uninstall and not look back.

    • Ruth_opera

      Appreciate your concern skeezix and thanks for taking the time to read our post about it. With regards to the changes and our views on cybersecurity: Opera plans to continue operating as a stand-alone company (the one you know and trust). We are a Norwegian company subject to Norwegian (EU/EEA) privacy laws. Our shareholders may change but our legal obligations in this respect will not.
      We can never guarantee that all our teams will remain the same forever and we wouldn’t always want to 😛 there’s always going to be changes, regardless of who the shareholders are. But right now we expect things to be “business as usual” 🙂

      • Cowicide

        We can never guarantee that all our teams will remain the same forever and we wouldn’t always want to 😛 there’s always going to be changes, regardless of who the shareholders are. But right now we expect things to be “business as usual”

        Sound like doublespeak for eventually there’ll be Chinese government spying implemented.


  • AngryUser

    This is crazy shit! It’s crazy..
    Firstly you have buried Presto and choose focking Blink.
    Now what? Agreed to sell itself to CHINESE? Are you focking mad?
    Qihoo 360? WTF? You mad! Kunlun? Fock off!
    StillYourOpera? Honestly HONESTLY, do you believe?
    350 million? Does anybody want to see chinese Opera? No, Fock off.
    Honestly, Opera, I swear God it will kill all the remainins users..
    For God sake..

    PS I use Opera for ten fucking years.

  • Nuno Sitima

    Thank you all for the feedback.

    We value everyones opinions since we truly believe that choosing your browser is a personal choice, we appreciate and support both of you that will support us and whomever wishes to try other browsers. We that work at Opera will continue to work to make the best mobile browser we can, i started working at Opera when we were 100 people in 2002 and our motivation to come to work has not changed.

    Our current owners, that are largely professional investors, decided that they want to accept a bid from a consortium of Chinese companies where Kunlun and 360 are industry players, we the employees and management respect that. That said all indications we have is that the goal is to grow and make better products and invest more in our products, and this is exciting for us that work at Opera and should yield better products for our users.

    We will commit to be open about developments and we are excited about the 2016 roadmap of launches. We value your support as you have showed for the last 20+ years.

  • netwolf

    Just to let you know what kind of company will be the new owner of Opera:
    (yes,there’s a consortium in between, and it’s not the only owner, but that doesn’t change a thing).
    And c’mon, don’t tell us that nothing will change, that’s either naive to say it nicely, or you think we’re idiots. Of course the ownership dictates the identity of a company, what other than that would?

  • garry

    An interesting development which is obviously in the hands of the shareholders. I can see how a consortium of Chinese internet companies would be interested in Opera. It is quite apparent that China would like to break the dominance of Google in the internet. Acquiring, further developing and promoting established software from Opera would certainly work towards that.

  • Chinese User

    360 is evil safe company. Collection of user data. this is reason why 360 antivirus is a free software.(360 CEO is china ever biggest Malware authors if you want konw more google 3721) but many Chinese user don’t mind collection their privacy. even if not know what is privacy. I just want say bye bye opera. I will never use any oprea soft. btw I am Chinese user. and oprea browser fans. now I hate oprea. no fans

    • Ruth_opera

      Hey there, appreciate your concern about any changes but please be reassured that Opera will remain a Norwegian company with the same procedures for handling data and security (which always has been, and will remain a priority to us). Keep an eye on how we develop and work on our products this year 🙂 hopefully you’ll feel back to being an Opera fan again soon!

  • sate5232

    I don’t care which company except 360, you need to know, Qihoo 360 is quite notorious in China.

  • ET Phonehome

    To be fair, the acquisition might be good for Opera shareholders, but not good for current Opera cuscomer base. I am a loyal Opera user for about 10 years (I use Opera on Symbian, Blackberry, Android, iOS, Debian Linux and Windows), but I turned off my Opera sync and started to move to Chrome right after I read the Opera announcement. I think that vast majority of 350 mil current users will not stick to Opera anymore when the deal is done. All the best to Opera team though.

  • Rj Navendu Kumar

    ruth madam and angela madam pl update us when we are getting book mark facility in opera for windows it is 1.5 years are u really planning to give us book mark on opera for windows pl update with clear and honest verdict and when the version will be updated it appears that opera team for windows have no interest to develop the product further pl atleast give us book mark facility why we need to suffer when this is not big thing we are asking since last 6 months pl help us what is scene of future for book mark?

  • Rui Sousa

    I like opera but i think they are getting back from the competition..also check