Today’s Opera 35 for Android release is mostly about changes under the hood: we’ve done an upgrade to Chromium 48, reduced memory usage, and included various smaller tweaks and bug fixes. We’ve also added a feedback prompt, which you may see pop up after a while: use this to tell us how we’re doing, so we can continue building the best Android browser for you.

But, now, I wanted to say a few words about “Add to home screen”. If you haven’t tried it out yet, just load a website, tap the “+” button on the left of the address bar and choose “Add to home screen” — the next time you want to load the website in question, it’ll be just a tap away from the home screen of your Android phone, just like an app.

opera for android browser web apps save data

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been playing around a lot with “Add to home screen”, and we’ve found that using this feature allows you to save a ton of space on your phone.

We did a simple test, installing a set of apps from Google Play. Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Flipkart, Wikipedia, Flipboard & together took up about 464 MB on our phone after a fresh install. That’s a lot of storage space sacrificed before we’ve even done anything!

A better approach on devices with little storage (and who hasn’t run out of storage on their phone?) is to go to the equally great-looking websites of these companies (here are some handy links: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Flipkart, Wikipedia, Flipboard & and add each of them to the home screen. This gives you instant access to all these web apps, which work very similarly to their native counterparts, yet with a mere 1 MB of storage space used from the get go. That frees up 463 MB more for your pictures, videos, books, etc. How great is that?!

Try adding your favorite sites to your Android home screen and let us know how much space you save!



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  • Other than Facebook; you may save space, but you will lose push notifications!

    • Cristian Otegui

      In Opera Mini you’ve got facebook’s push notifications

      • Notice how I said *Other than Facebook*! No Twitter, Google+, SoundCloud, etc. push notifications

        • Cristian Otegui

          Ok, we need more push notifications

          • Don’t we all? Especially those of us who are collectors.

    • Andreas Bovens

      We’re working on adding support for those as well 🙂 Stay tuned!

    • Esailija

      There is a standard for that and in fact Chrome has had it for a year.

      • Yeah, that’s how the Facebook notifications in Chrome work but so far they are the only major app that has push notifications in general to add it. (Not even Google has added ît to Google+)

        • Esailija

          Oh yea sorry I confused platform support with app support.

  • bgrkara
  • Sujith Gopi Nath


  • Banire Adekunle

    This is very nice as i will have instant access to the web apps.

  • picasso gsm
  • Jaiba Mon

    QUESTION! Does Opera Turbo works on these web apps?

    Also, keep up the good work! I hope Opera for Android gets better, I would like to change my default search engine, thx.

  • Looks like a new future.
    Except Google deliberately cripple their stuff if it’s not viewed in the App, or by Chrome…

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  • great. thank you verry much Ankara davetiye

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  • I knew it and used it long time ago. But, everything I saved to my home screen be changed to Opera, even I set its names already.

  • Firdaus Ahmad

    web apps really helpful. i’ve uninstalled facebook, wikipedia, flipboard adn youtube app. save a lot of space. but i didn’t uninstall twitter. because mobile twitter doesn’t offer it’s “Quote Retweet” yet.

  • tufekonline