How many times have you heard “There’s an app for that!”, and you’ve gone straight to your app store only to realize it means more downloads, crowded home screens and heavy memory usage on your iPhone.

For news alone, you have Flipboard, Zite, Pulse News, Google Play Newsstand (to mention only a few) and now even Facebook is urging us to download yet another app for its news service Facebook Notify.

Wouldn’t it be great to have just one app for all your news and browsing? Dare to dream – Opera Coast has your answer.

Introducing Opera Coast’s news “For You”

The Opera Coast browser automatically creates a personalized news feed based on your favorite websites and brings them to you right on your iOS browser homescreen.

Opera Coast iOS browser news for you app articles notifications personal

You can easily opt-out of content you’re not into anymore, give ratings to the articles you love and switch between reading views. It helps to keep your news experience a little bit more personal, interactive and fun.

You’ll also receive a notification when your news feed has been refreshed with new content.

Trade off 100 notification pings for 1 alert about the 100s of articles waiting for you, based on what you actually enjoy reading everyday.

Opera Mini gets 3D touch

With the recent release of iPhone 6S, we couldn’t wait to bring these new innovations to our popular data-saving browser Opera Mini on iOS.

Now, with 3D touch, you can dip in and out of the content and sites you want, smoothly and quickly.

You’ll also now find your favorite websites when using the new Spotlight feature for iPhone, straight from Opera Mini. You can get all the content you want in one place, powered by Opera Mini.

Opera Mini iOS browser - Apple iPhone 6S 3D Touch Spotlight

Which websites do you like to get your news from?

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  • George Norman

    Google Currents has been discontinued a long time ago. It was replaced by Google Play Newsstand.

    • Ruth_opera

      Looks like I’m behind on my Google apps, thanks for the headsup!

  • Yep Opera Coast & Mini got updated today

    I noticed the tab browsing is much faster in Mini

    • Ruth_opera

      Good to know! Thanks 🙂

  • Hadley Zedras

    Lets face it ‘Coast’ is brilliant in almost every single way, sync tabs with ‘Stable’ and we have a winner !

  • I use Flipboard but will give Opera Coast a try.

    • i think the shared link feature built with in Safari is seriously underrated

  • I testet Coast Browser, here what i missing:

    1. If i copy a URL from any app then it would be nice if Coast Browser ask me for paste or open the URL.

    2. I don’t know if a iOS 9 Content Blocker works with 3rd Party Browser but it would be nice.

    3. The News section. Maybe you should do it as optional service which we can disable.

    4. Sync of Opera Bookmarks

    5. Add a page to Apple Offline Reading list

    6. 1Password App Integration (they have a API) – I use often 1Password for login into sites.

    • Ruth_opera

      Thanks for all your feedback Alexander 🙂
      I’ll address one by one so I don’t miss anything

      1. Hmmm it should do this! We’re having a think here about what could cause this not to happen.
      2. We’re looking in to it 😉
      3. Looking in to this too!
      4. Considering it but will probably be something after we launch the Android version early next year.
      5. Looking at it, maybe more towards doing our own ‘read later list’ type thing
      6. Would love this! We agree

      In summary, we have a lot of plans for Coast and still feels kinda at the start of the journey. Even more reason it’s good to pass your comments on. Keep me up to date with how you’re finding the browser

  • AlaaGh

    When will you add password synchronization in Opera Mini for iOS ? The sync are very poor compared to the native Safari or Chrome !