Let’s face it – most of us have had a bad experience with mobile data at some point. Over-priced mobile data plans, crazy international roaming charges, surprise bills, sneaky data-sucking apps, bad customer service … and all you wanted to do was upload a funny cat video on Facebook!

We know the feeling. Which is why we’ve built useful tools like Opera Max to help conserve your precious data, but it can still feel like a scary world out there!

What’s your most frustrating data horror story? Share with us using the hashtag #DataHorrorStories. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram … wherever! We just want your story to be heard.

datahorrorstories opera max competition

Win a smartphone

We’ve teamed up with Android Authority and have some brand-new smartphones, smartwatches and some Opera swag to reward some of you for sharing your stories.

To get started, click this link and follow the instructions for your best chance to win.

I’m looking forward to sharing your stories!

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