Today, Apple is finally putting the rumours at bay and unveiling what they’ve been working on.

You can catch the announcements as it happens from San Francisco (10am PDT) from Apple’s live feed here.

Here at the Opera HQ in Oslo, the Opera Coast team is psyched to hear about it all!

coast team Apple event browser iOS iPhone

Opera Coast: Made for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Opera Coast is a made-for-iOS browser. When you use it you’ll find it has a really nice “flow” that just feels intuitive to use. It works so well with your iOS, with no buttons and nifty looking ways to access your favourite sites.

It also has extra bonuses like Turbo technology which keeps things running smooth and makes for a pretty awesome browsing experience.

Download it now and give your iPhone (and iPad!) the va-va-voom it was designed for.

Give us a hint!

Admittedly we’re not as good at keeping secrets as Siri is but we do love a good tease!

Right now in our secret Opera Coast labs were working on enhanced search engine options, swipe view for your tablet and the ability to jump straight to your favourite sites with spotlight integration, perfect for iOS 9. 

Join in the discussion or just come say Hi! on Twitter or Facebook.

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  • jedy123

    I’ve been using Opera on iOS and it crashes quite often. I’ve not noticed an update for quite a while other than the addition of a night mode. Also are there any new features in the pipeline? It feels like Opera on iOS has been sidelined in favour of other Opera platforms. Please reassure us there are plans for this browser!

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  • We do not have Iphone 6s in poland yet…