It’s finally here. After being on the edge of our seats watching the unveiling of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone S6 Plus, we have been itching to get our hands on it.

And, Opera Coast is ready.. Along with a list of cool features we’ve added to complement iOS 9, here are two things not to be missed from Opera Coast.

Change your default search engine

Thanks to many of you who have submitted feedback to us in the past few months, we’ve now added the No.1 feature you asked for: search engine customization.


To change your choice of search engine, just start searching like you normally would on Opera Coast, and the icon of your current engine will appear on the far right. Long-press the icon, and a list of search engines will appear! Our Chinese and Russian speaking users will notice we have finally added Yandex and Baidu to the list, in response to their fervent requests. 🙂

These are the currently available search engines to choose from:







More categories for suggested sites

As you know, when you search the web with Opera Coast, it’ll suggest some sites from a collection of online content that we love. Our hope is that this feature helps you find new, popular and fun content more easily.


For this update, we asked our colleagues from all over the world for their favorite sources of content and added these sites to the categories of suggested content. Opera Coast is now able to suggest content to users in Russian, German, Chinese, English (U.S. and U.K.), Norwegian and Japanese. We look forward to expanding this selection and would love to hear what your favorite websites are 🙂

Found a keeper? Here’s a tip: just long-press a suggested site icon from the search field to drag it to your home screen. Save those goodies!

Just a note, the language of suggested content will depend on your iOS settings. To change that, go to Region formats > Change your region.

Be sure to update Opera Coast today – if you haven’t already – so you’ll be ready for iOS9. Or, download the latest version from here.

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  • moda fotoğrafçısı ankara I had to uninstall the app because it blocked me from sending or receiving MMS msgs when enabled

  • Hadley Zedras

    Opera Coast is THE BEST mobile browser ever……..EVER 🙂

    • Ruth_opera

      Woop! Thanks for the support Hadley 😀

  • Łukasz Langa

    I don’t understand this. Why not add search engine selection to Opera Mini? Is Opera Mini going away? Does Coast support Turbo? This is all quite unclear.

    • All about money! People pay big bucks to be alone in the search box!

    • Ruth_opera

      Good question! In short: Different teams, different products, different contracts with search providers.
      Opera Mini is not going away 😛
      Yes Coast browser uses Turbo technology for compression.
      Hope this answers your Qs!

  • Ĵϵṟϵṃψ Ψαñ

    Where is adblock?

  • ıts very good but what is the different of old search engine ?