This morning, we’ve released Opera 32 for Android, which is powered by Chromium 45 and comes with a nice set of new features.

Add any site to the home screen

It is now possible to add any of your favorite sites to the home screen of your Android phone, for extra-fast access. 


You can easily do this by navigating to the site in question, and then tapping on the plus sign on the left of the address & search bar; then, select “Add to home screen”, tap “Add”, and you’ll see a nice-looking icon appear on your home screen.


If a web app is served over HTTPS and it has a special manifest or specific meta tags, it will even launch just like an app, without any browser UI. You can try this out by adding these sites to the home screen:

Each of these web apps will have a native app look and feel, and, in the task switcher, they’ll even appear as separate apps, bringing web apps ever closer to native apps.

High quality images for Discover

We’ve improved the image quality in the Discover feature. If you’re using a hi-res Android phone, you’ll now get much sharper images with each story, making for a more pleasant reading experience.

Synced typed history

We’re continuing to evolve our synchronization feature: now, in addition to Speed Dial, bookmarks, and tabs, you can sync typed history. This means that you get easy access on mobile to addresses you have typed on desktop, both in the history page and in the address auto-complete drop-down.


In addition to tapping the refresh icon in the address bar, you can now refresh a page simply by pulling it down with the flick of a finger. This allows for super-quick page refreshes, even on installed web apps without a visible browser UI.

That’s it! Let us know what you think, and share how you’ll use this new “Add to home screen” functionality!

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  • Davey126

    Love pull to refresh and enhanced functionality behind the plus sign! Well done. Unfortunately, Opera 32 brings unwelcome incompatibility with Lastpass autofill as confirmed by LP support. I lost this much valued capability as each of my devices updated from Opera 30 to 32. Autofill in Chrome still works eliminating Chromium 45 as the culprit. I hope this issue is resolved soon. Really can’t live without autofill (or some other expeditious way to enter credentials) and the upcoming Opera password sharing capability is not the solution for those who keep everything in lastpass.

    • Davey126

      Raised a problem report, no response and (apparently) no ability to view or check status. Most user comments come via the Play Store but a Google+ account, with all associated sharing liabilities, is required to post feedback. Really frustrating as Opera Mobile is the only major browser that does not support Lastpass autofill.

  • master94ga

    This version have really poor performance while loading page compared to Opera 31. This seems a common problem reading review on play store.

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  • Kari Ikonen

    Q: Howto turn off “pull to refresh” feature. So far that feature has caused only frustration due to accidental page reloads when trying to scroll to top of page.