More personality on your Opera Mini for Windows Phone

Just before we start the summer holidays, we wanted to bring you another update to Opera Mini for Windows Phone.

Our phones are very personal to us. The choices we make about our phones reflects our personality, so we believe you should have a choice of browsers on all your devices, no matter the platform. We also believe you should have a browser that gives you options, one with a personal touch that can let you browse in a way that’s more “You”.

Keep your privacy.

Private tabs are now available in the tab selection. You can have multiple tabs open, both normal and private and switch between them as you see it fit. Dual social- network profiles? No problem!


Show your personality.

A touch of personalization is available with the new selection of backgrounds. Long- press anywhere on the screen to access this option, or do so directly from the Change Background menu under Settings.


Flaunt your data savings.

Now, it’s even easier to brag to your friends about how much data Opera Mini has saved you, with the data-savings live tile, right on your start screen.
Simply pin the icon to your start screen to see a live feed of all your savings in the normal icon and the extended one. To see the different versions, long- press the icon and rotate through the sizes.

ruth_image_opera_mini_1 (1)

We’ve also added new support for 4 languages: French, Italian, German and Polish.

If you have questions or want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Opera Mini for Windows Phone, check out this handy FAQ.

As always keep giving us your feedback and come say Hi! on Twitter and Facebook.

Merci! Grazie! Danke! Dziękuję!


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