Last year we started our journey to bring Opera Mini, already used by millions, to Windows Phone. We approached it carefully, because rebuilding Opera Mini from scratch for a new platform is no joke. We wanted to give you an app that works.

We released the beta version of Opera Mini for Windows Phone several months back, and all your feedback is paying off.

Today, we have released Opera Mini for Windows Phone as a stable version.

You spoke, and we listened

You wanted a browser that looks good on your Windows Phone. It now sports a truly native look and feel.

You asked for more control. Opera Mini for Windows Phone gives you a daily, weekly or monthly view of your data savings.

You asked for easier downloading. We’ve improved the download manager so that you’re in control of what, when and where your downloads are going.

You called for better access to your favorite sites. Save and preview your favorite websites with Speed Dial and bookmarks.

We didn’t stop there

But, most of all, you wanted a stable, reliable Opera Mini browser on your Windows Phone that gave you the browsing experience you would expect from Opera Mini.

This means being able to make use of features such as:




We’re just getting started

Delivering the Opera Mini you expect on your Windows Phone is just the beginning. Over the next few months, you will see additional improvements that will help you do more online with your Windows Phone.

Be sure to keep the feedback coming! Leave a comment below, join the discussion on the Opera forums or come say “Hi!” on Facebook and Twitter.

Got questions? Or, want to make sure you get the most out of your Opera Mini for Windows Phone? Check out this handy FAQ.


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  • Cătălin Nicolae Gulică

    When will sync come to Windows phone? 😀

    • Ruth_opera

      Apologies for delayed reply! It’s coming in a future update 🙂 We’re getting it built /Ruth

  • muratservan

    Mini is quite useless these days because most of pages are dynamic. At least ones that I visit.
    I hope you have a plan to make Opera Mobile for WP very very soon.

    • Cristian Otegui

      Opera Mini brings to the Windows Phone users data saving, off road mode, off line pages and downloads control.

  • Cristian Otegui

    Good news. Every OS needs its OM

    • Cristian Otegui

      Buenas noticias. Todo sistema operativo necesita su Ópera Mini

  • Bob

    We need landscape mode!

  • SLR

    Great work on the UI !

  • damalyx

    congrats for the shed of beta tag 😀
    wish we’ll get the option to landscape mode & turn the images off in next update

  • Kalo

    Great news. I am wondering about the rotate option to view webpages horizontally. Is this an upcoming feature?

    • Ruth_opera

      Cheers Kalo! Yes it is coming in the future 🙂

  • senja1

    Now you should start working on universal app. Something like Opera Mini for iOS. With EdgeHTML, native engine + Presto, for data savings

  • Oleg

    Nice job! Keep improving Opea Mini on WP. It would be nice to have sync with Opera Link and mb make Opera universal app with upcoming windows 10.

    • Ruth_opera

      Cheers! Will do 😀 and yes sync coming in the future. Appreciate your support

      • Rj Navendu Kumar

        ruth madam should we expect sycronisation in next update very shortly pl update

        • Rj Navendu Kumar

          ruth madam i would like to know as u mentioned opera browser coming as universal appp so will that work on windows 8.1 and will opera mini will be also upgraded to universal appp

          • Ruth_opera

            Hi there, sorry if there’s been any confusion but we’ve never promised a universal app (certainly not in the near future!). Yes, we will be bringing sync in a future update but I don’t have a date to give you yet. Appreciate your patience 🙂

          • Rj Navendu Kumar

            Dear ruth madam

            here is the article update for opera coming as universal app for windows 10 pl read

            The Opera Mini web browser for Windows Phone has just ditched its “beta” label, and the Opera team apparently has plans to expand to Windows 10 as well.

            When asked on its Opera Twitter account by a user if there was any
            news on Opera and Opera Mini being released for Windows 10 as a
            universal app, the reply from the team was:

            “This will be released later this year! 🙂 ”

            There’s no word on if the Opera browser will be available by the time Windows 10 reaches its official launch date of July 29.

            Source: Opera (Twitter): Via: Reddit

          • Ruth_opera

            This was a misunderstanding on Twitter, sorry for the confusion!

  • Nekomajin43

    Bookmarks sync?

    • Ruth_opera

      Coming in a future update 🙂

      • Rj Navendu Kumar

        pl telll how shortly?????

        • Rj Navendu Kumar

          ruth madam we need book mark sycronisation very fast why it was not updated with final one now what is time limit for getting this update pl update

  • Nachiketa Ramesh

    PLEASE GIVE BOOKMARK SYNC. Can you also give us an option to change the background?

    Can you also make the speed dial icons take the typography of the webpage like on Opera Desktop?

  • Ruth

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  • Patriĉk Bateman

    Wrote a review in Windows Phone Store. Angela asked me to reply.

    First stable version. At this moment I can put 3 stars only.
    Opera is painfully slow, interface is sluggish and looks like from
    Android Gingerbread. Except data savings page. That one is great.
    Also Opera eating my battery a lot.

    Once updated and improved I will change my review.
    Keep up good work Opera team!

    By Andrey
    Hi. Pls let us know which device and version of Windows Phone you use. Your feedback will be much appreciated! /Angela

    My device is Nokia Lumia 730 DS. Windows phone Denim.
    This moment I am opening web sites faster with built-in IE.

  • Cryio

    The most polished UI for a browser on a phone, ever.

  • ken
  • AleksOD

    Thank you! You are the only browser developer who cares about your users regardless of the platform!

  • Patriĉk Bateman

    There was an update yesterday?
    Now Opera crashes for me more often than before.

  • NokiaservİST

    We are the best in the world .Look at here: nokia servis

  • Dusan

    We need landscape mode on Lumia WM, soon!!! Please!!!

  • Serhii Riabovil

    Opera Mini is unavailable Windows Phone Store at the moment 🙁

  • play boy

    am using opera mini in lumia 720 if i download any song or video it gets failed automatically can anyone give me settings