We’re happy to release another update of Opera for Android today! This version supports more sync services, better text selection and long-press menus, and stability updates.

Synced Speed Dials

In this release, we added support for syncing your Speed Dials between devices. Just sign in to your Opera account and click the computer-with-arrows icon at the bottom of Speed Dial. You’ll see your Speed Dial start page items from Opera browsers you’ve signed in with, for example on your computer or other Android devices.


You can import individual synced Speed Dial items to your browser’s own Speed Dial. Long-press a tile and select Import. If you want to import a whole Speed Dial set, tap the three dots in the top-right corner and choose Import all.

And, of course, you can check your Android’s Speed Dial entries in Opera for computers. Click Other Speed Dials in the bookmark manager’s sidebar to see them.

Native text selection and context menus

We replaced our custom context menus (the long-press menu) with native ones and made text selection native, as well. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s two before-and-after screenshots of the comparing Opera 29 with Opera 30:


More stability

As a bonus, we worked hard to clean up some code related to page navigation, which has resulted in improved stability. Simply put, this means you’ll see many less “Oops” cat images (ie. our crash page).

Happy browsing!
Get Opera for Android from Google Play or from our website. And, let us know what you think!

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  • Michael Pürmayr

    Thanks, especially for the native context menu. It simply feels more natural to have it everywhere across the device and not a different style in every app.

    • Ruth_opera

      Thanks for your feedback Michael 🙂 appreciate your support! /Ruth

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Andreas, congrats on the 30 release, and thanks for the stability improvements 😉

    • Andreas Bovens


  • Donot1959

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  • Gela Simonishvili

    very bad updates, video does not appear on the weight of the screen

    • Andreas Bovens

      What do you mean, Gela?

      • Gela Simonishvili

        I received a response from you – “we are not going to full screen automatically if the site is using your own custom controls, not to mention how BBC. but if the site uses its controls in an application video will go full screen. we give control of this website and users.” – But I believe that it is not correctament and I returned to Orera 29

        • dirgas

          That will resolve some issues with video playback, returning to opera 29 is not a good idea.

  • Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla

    Any improvements in battery life? las time I used it (v29) there was some drains and my phone was getting hot just by browsing with opera, resulting on battery drains from the browser

    • Ruth_opera

      Sorry to hear that Juan this sounds very strange. Give the new version a try and if you have problems let us know (with your device and OS information also). Cheers /Ruth

  • Goomass Para Kazanma
  • Ruth

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  • NightMayor

    Congrats on the release! ☺

    Also, thank you for not automatically putting HTML5 videos (mainly GFYs and GIFVs) in fullscreen! It was so annoying especially when browsing Imgur and Reddit.

    That problem was so annoying I had to keep switching browsers on my device. Seems I no longer have to do that and I can just use Opera!

  • mcleodua

    guys! return tabs grouping! it was so useful!.. missing you, opera 12! 🙁

  • mcleodua

    and BTW, where “last closed tabs” menu dropdown?

    • Rafael Luik

      It’s only available in the tablet layout (by long-pressing the + plus button, the one that creates new tabs).

  • Mon

    I think that the new context menus are too big and ugly, why this change?

    And I don’t think that the native Android text-selection menu is an improvement. Now we have to go to the top of the screen when before we had options near the selection.

    • Huseinmk

      You are absolutely right about text selection menu ,even Android M switched to your old implementation of text selection , please opera bring back your old text selection menu it was more practical in devices with large screens , another inconvenience is Bookmarks you can’t access them without going back to start page ,previously you could access them by taping on the big red O without leaving your current page .

  • ws79

    I hope there will be Vivaldi for Android soon. This browser is getting worse every update. What does mean the VPN shortcut in MY speed dial? For now Dolphin will be enough.

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi there, the VPN speed dial is access to a free VPN service from us. You can quickly remove it like other speed dials if you do not with to use the service 🙂 Sorry to hear you’ve not being having a positive experience as of late /Ruth

  • Rotkaeqpchen

    Thanks for your hard work! I have issues with the url inputbox though. If there is history, entering something in the url bar causes big lags because Opera is searching the history for matching entries. This makes it nearly impossible to fast-type a URL or keyword. Please please fix this.

  • Since installed V30 via playstore or ur standalone apk, when launching it and press “Continue” it crashing everytime even when clearing device’s cache. (Huawei G610-U20)

  • Quasar6

    Will Opera have an adblocker or addons support anytime soon? I would use Opera on my device as well but ads are a big no for me.

  • アアン タミム

    Opera best for me 🙂

    Lagu Wali – Ngantri Ke Surga

  • Piotr

    Very poor performance of Opera while typing adress which is already present in history, bookmarks and speed dial. Keeping backspace pressed make UI laggy. Is this issue addressed in your bug tracking system?

  • Razvan Dragos

    On facebook when i scroll down the page and stop suddenly to a link or a photo i like and wanna open it in a new tab, after some seconds when i close the new opened tab the main facebook page reload itself!?

  • Hannu Suoniemi

    I now have Opera Mini beta 11.0.1912.94298. I would like to try Opera 30 for android. Can I install Opera 30 along with current beta version?

  • Lanzir

    How about force zoom and minimum font size, most mobile sites are poorly designed.

  • Tomo23

    Seriously, guys… give us the option to disable Discover and possibility of moving Opera cache to SD card.

  • ultraviolet

    when will extensions be available in mobile versions? seems weird we can’t view the web the way we want to on mobile devices but can on your lovely desktop version. if your prohibited by outside factors please say