Connect with friends and family abroad with ChatSim + Opera Max

Ready for your next vacation? Want unlimited chatting time with friends and family back home?

You might wonder, won’t that add terrible costs to my phone bill? Well, with ChatSim and Opera Max, you can now chat and call on Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, QQ and other chat apps in 150 countries without blowing your budget.

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The Chatsim messaging service is provided via mobile data, which means you can connect easily and instantly without the need to look for Wi-Fi.

What is Chatsim?

ChatSim offers users unlimited texts and emojis for only €10 per year. For those of us who want to add photos, videos, voice memos and calls to the game, additional multimedia message and call credits are available at affordable prices.

ChatSim’s multimedia-messaging plans run on mobile data packages of different sizes.

Add Opera Max for better data control

Opera Max is a smart, free data-management and data-savings app  that allows you to extend and enhance your data plan. Simply put, its data compression shrinks the size of texts, videos and images while letting you enjoy more multimedia messages and calls. Efficient data management helps you to block the data traffic of apps other than those for instant messaging in a fast, easy way. You can also monitor the traffic each chat app sends and receives , which will help you avoid exceeding your data traffic allowance.

Start saving data and connecting with friends and family now! Get Opera Max for free, here.

As Arjun Bhatt, Director of Partner Marketing at Opera, says, “We are happy to collaborate with ChatSim to offer a flexible and affordable solution for communicating with our loved ones while abroad.”

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