Last year, we first released Opera Mini for Windows Phone beta due to enormous user demand, to give fans a greater browser choice.

We’ve heard that Windows Phone users loved having the browser beta on board but that there was much to be improved, starting with how it looked on your favorite handset.

We are listening. So, we’ve picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and are starting over. We’re  building a brand-new browser that will be perfect for Windows Phone.

opera mini beta windows phone UI interface datasave

Your Opera Mini beta has had a makeover

Now, looking like a truly native app for Windows Phone, the new Opera Mini beta sports a user interface completely re-designed for the Modern UI, as well as some other tweaks to make your browsing experience even more enjoyable.

But, this is just the start. You’re still talking, so we’ll keep listening. Just be sure to keep the feedback coming, by commenting below, joining the discussion in our forums or giving us a nudge on Twitter.

Your input will help us to bring you a browser that’s as reliable as it is good-looking. Once that happens, you’ll never settle for the default browser again.

Like the Modern makeover? Here’s more to play with:

– See how much data you’ve saved within a certain time period. You can check daily, weekly and monthly progress – something completely to unique the Windows Phone edition of Opera Mini.

– Get more control of your downloads with the improved download manager.

– Preview your open websites and organize tabs in a natural, intuitive way.

– Enjoy more unified navigation with an easily accessible bottom bar and a design that uses your phone’s back button.

– Save time with the combined address and search bar. When typing, Opera Mini gives you suggestions from your Speed Dial, history, bookmarks and Google.

– Add websites to your bookmarks or Speed Dial in a flash, with the handy + button, next to the combined address and search bar.


We’re still testing out these features and more in this beta version, so you may still experience some hiccups. Your feedback is important and will help us make your browsing experience even better.

If you’re not yet testing the Opera Mini beta for Windows Phone with us, you can download it here.

A big “Thanks!” to all the beta users who have been testing it so far. This browser is dedicated to you.

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  • Peter B.

    It cannot be installed on an SD card. Useless. Fix this or I will uninstall Opera Mini completely.

    • Rutha_opera

      Hi Peter, thanks for your feedback 🙂 for now you can’t install the browser on your SD but we’re still working on the beta version and making changes to it so keep your eyes peeled for future updates /Ruth

  • roshan dhimal

    The fact that I downloaded opera mini beta in Windows phone

    • Rutha_opera

      Hi Roshan, throughout our beta upgrades some features may be taken away temporarily so we can make bigger changes to improve them (for the upcoming stable version). Sorry if it’s caused you trouble, appreciate your patience and helping us improve the browser 🙂 /Ruth

  • Render quality is worse than former version and so is the connection speed…please fix these 😉

    • Rutha_opera

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂 All the UI changes we’ve made may be affecting some performance while we test it out but these are creases we’re planning to have ironed out for the final version. Thanks for testing it with us /Ruth

      • Oh I got it and the UI improvements are really impressed 😉

  • regis romera

    How can I save webpages for offline browsing in the new version of OPera Mini for WP?Please, this function is very important !!!

  • nik

    i love it you heard us
    i belive in opera

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  • Joe Li

    The new UI is fantastic. But opera crashes every time when I try to open any web page on Nokia 925T.

    • Angela Wang

      Hi Joe. It’s still a beta and we are making it better as we speak 🙂 stay tuned /Angela

  • DC

    After a few days living with the new WP Opera (on my Samsung Ativ S, WP 8.10.14203.306), I like the new overall look and feel of the beta, especially the speed dial presentation has been improved.
    There are still some issues, though:
    – overall energy consumption has gone up, I think
    – settings have been reduced to a bare minimum – not what an Opera product should be like
    – I liked the vanishing address bar in the previous version when you scroll down a website; maybe worth an optional setting?
    – the possibility to go back and forth between the moste recent and the previous websites is kind of sticky and hardly possible, at least with my device
    – when switching between various tabs with the bottom left button, the single tabs to choose from are too far separated from their neighbours
    – also the preview of the tabs’ content is not real-time, meaning that it doesn’t show what has actually been loaded in the background
    – websites with many pictures sometimes stop to load all of the pictures, instead loading and displaying only maybe 5 to 10 (reported in WPEX-3140)
    – some websites such as do not load at all (as in previous versions) or not completely or very slowly
    – the rendering of some websites does not really work, for example at
    – there is no widescreen mode when rotating your device

    Anyway, I’d love to make the browser my default if I could 😉 Keep up the good work

  • ravi

    offline saving pages option gone..this is the reallllly annoyingggggggggggggg..plsss keep that feature..

  • Claude Bucher

    how do you add a tab? seems more stable then IE (what a feat!) after Denim update but without several tabs… pretty useless

  • Anandvardhan Soy Prongs

    missing features OR badly working –

    no save page option
    scrolling is slow
    ui takes more space
    no opera link
    more battery usage
    no download progress info for images
    generally slower

    the old version was so good and stable. i know you guys are working hard. please hurry its one of the most used and essential apps on my phone.

  • Max

    The new Beta is much better. More websites render correctly. Few things which can be fixed:
    1) Keyboard: Pet peeve. Opera uses the same keyboard layout everywhere. Entering an address does not show the shortcut for .com etc. When filling text in a text box for email, no @. Wish the keyboard layout changes depending on the input field. that would be so awesome!!
    2) More search options, not just google
    3) Choose to show/disable images
    4) Auto cpmplete address bar

    • Bill Dung

      that was a very good point about lack of search options.
      to get around this for the time being, i loaded duckduckgo in opera, then clicked the little “+” at top left if browser, and “pinned” to start.
      however, obviously, that only works for the first tab opened.

      and either in-browser spell check, or integration with native one?
      also the size of the field for typing changes to too big, and you cant change it or move page to see what you have typed.
      and yiu cant scirll up or down while typing.
      on the whoke a dissapoinnwnt from an itherwise amazing team.

  • Lorenzo Jimenez

    Too many bad reviews on the Windows Store. What to you think Christian Uribe?

  • Oleg

    Guys, do you have any plans to create full version of opera for WP 8.1/10?

  • reggan temu

    Hello am a news people