We’re excited to be welcoming Nokia users to the Opera family!

Going forward, all Nokia phones with Series 30+, Series 40 and Asha operating systems will be upgrading their native internet browser from Xpress Browser to Opera Mini.
How to upgrade from Xpress Browser to Opera Mini

Here’s a quick guide to help you to jump straight into your new browser:

How can I upgrade my Xpress Browser to Opera Mini?

You will receive a notification from your native Xpress Browser offering you the chance to update to Opera Mini with the click of a button.

My phone came with Opera Mini already, what do I need to do now?

Nothing, you’re all set. Just sit back, relax and enjoy browsing to your heart’s content (while saving data, too!).

What happens if I don’t upgrade my Nokia browser to Opera Mini?

Your Xpress Browser will continue to be available for now, but, by December 2015, all browsers will be updated to Opera Mini.

What version of Opera Mini will I get?

Users of Nokia Asha 501, 501s, 503 and 503s will get Opera Mini version 8.0.

Nokia S40 owners will get Opera Mini version 4.5.
Your device will automatically download the Opera Mini version it requires, so you can relax knowing you’ll be getting the best-fitting browser for your phone. We all love a happy phone-and-browser combo!

How can I make sure I get the most out of using Opera Mini?

This handy little Opera Mini FAQ covers a lot. For questions relating to your specific phone, check out the Microsoft support page. Of course, if you still have questions, you can drop by the Opera Forums. And, as always, let us know what you think!

Welcome to the family! ☺



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  • senja1

    You mean S30 will get version 4.5. Ashas are S40.

    From one discontinued browser to another. Does not make sense. Also, Xpress is better browser. Opera Mini is poor on HTML5.

    On my C3-01 speed dial thumbnails dont work. Only shows list…

    • I have an Asha phone and I can say tat are better than S40, and I have various S40 models. The Xpress Browser came with annoying adds links, and Opera does not.

      • senja1

        Asha is based on S40. They use same aplications. And on S40 you can use Opera Mini 8. You dont need old 4.5 version.

        • supertommy

          You’re kind of correct here. Asha is based on something called S40NG (NG stands for “next generation”). It’s basically the drivers and low-level OS stuff from the old S40 platform coupled with the UI library that Nokia got with the aquisition of a company called Smarterphone. The phones referred to in this blog post as S40 are the older, pre-NG S40 phones. They will get Opera 4.5. The Asha 50X series (plus the Asha 230) are S40NG. They are the ones that will get Opera 8.0.

          Source: Used to work for Smarterphone, then Nokia, then Microsoft. Now work for Opera.

  • Happy for this, I have an Asha 503 and Opera Mini works fine 😀

  • popy

    Do you know that Nokia it’s not only Series 30+, Series 40 and Asha? You know that Symbian S60 users are waiting for updated Opera Mini and Mobile for more than two years?

    I’m not saying that Web (Symbian native browser) should be upgraded to Mini or Mobile. I stiil use Web on some sites and also on Youtube because videos s*ck on Mini and Mobile. On Web i can watch them in higher bitrate and resolution, on Mini and Mobile it’s almost unwatchable. I’m saying new updated versions of both browers should be released.

    Why? Opera Mobile Store is about to take over de Nokia Store and it’s an irony that a company that doesn’t care about Symbian S60 users will take charge of a platform about, but not limited to, S60! Do you even know that S60 is a Symbian platform by Nokia or have you forgotten?

    February 2015 and the company that will take care of a (mainly) Symbian store still fails to update their browsers for the OS they will deliver games and apps in the near future.

    • Rutha_opera

      Hey popy, unfortunately in 2010 Nokia stopped development of the S60 platform and thus, in turn, we also stopped developing for it too. It’s not that we didn’t care but we had to focus on the devices that were to be continued developing from Nokia. Hope that answers some of your questions

  • Very good this long partnership of Nokia with the Opera, I use Opera for years since I discovered the browser for Java, use the cell phone, on your computer, tablet, etc. When I got my first Nokia I used the Xpress in the same, and now in my second Nokia handset I use it also, along with the Opera. The Xpress should be continued, it had many good features, it worked very well on the devices, as well as the Opera works too. We will miss this browser, but nothing better than a partnership like this to continue with the Opera in our appliances.

  • Just SetThisUpForYou

    I am typing this from a computer as I could login on my Nokia s40/Asha mobile using Opera Mini (clicking login just reloaded the same page). Is there a way to log in to comment on the Opera Blogs using Opera Mini?

  • Just SetThisUpForYou

    Dear Ruth,

    I am pleased to see your responses to user comments on your blog post.

    A similar post to your blog post was made by one of your colleagues on the Opera Mini forum at https://forums.opera.com/discussion/1863176/opera-mini-comes-to-nokia-s30-s40-and-asha-phones, however Opera has not responded in the forums to the user questions posted in response to that forum post over a week ago.

    Would you be able to respond to the questions raised in the forum, especially question 2 of the comment made on 13 February:

    “2) Opera Mini needs to be closed completely if the user needs to make
    a phone call, send an SMS, move the phone to silent mode, or start/stop
    music on the phone. Unlike Nokia Xpress, it is not possible to swipe
    from the top of the screen to get a drop-down menu allowing limited
    functions like these without needing to close the browser. This really reduces the usability of the smartphone.”

    • Rutha_opera

      Hey there, sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for bringing this to my attention 🙂 I’ll have a look in to it.
      Whilst I do it would be really useful if you could, if you haven’t already, report these issues here: https://bugs.opera.com/wizardmini/
      That way we can keep track of it. You should be given a reference number. If there’s been no resolutions after some time you can email me at social-networks@opera.com with that ref number and I can chase it up for you.

  • dukkanacmak.com

    Nothing, you’re all set. Just sit back, relax and enjoy browsing to your heart’s content (while saving data, too!).

  • Prajnadipta

    I have nokia 114 and whwn opening thhe xpress browser it is asking for upgade to opera mini browser but there is no click option to upgrade it to opera mini. Then what should I do?

  • John Carlo Cabela Palacol

    After the upgrade of my Xpress Browser to Opera Mini, I can’t play any videos from youtube. It’s too long to connect and buffer and after that there is a message of “Please check your connection settings” even though my connection is good. This update is suck and the worst of it is, I can’t uninstall this opera mini. I want my Xpress Browser back!

  • for me de opera is the best navigator, its stable and fast.

  • Arseny Chernov

    Hello, I’m _very_ concerned about the fact that on my young daughter’s Nokia Asha 501 the “restrictions” on the browser do not apply on Opera at all. So now, anytime she clicks on “Internet” instead of asking for the restriction code she is just getting online, without any parental control.

    It’s Nokia Asha 1.4 and I’ve just upgraded it today.

    Question: what is the workaround? When this would be patched?

  • Javed khan ghori

    At Nokia asha 503 it has a problem that we needed to upgrade opera to enjoy our browser but it can’t upgrade and when we click on upgrade it inform that “Can’t reach this service” what should I do to enjoy our Google browser……..please send me what we do to download opera browser….. Please reply me…

  • Hiba Mahmood

    hey i use nokia asha 210 and the opera version in my cell is banned in the country i live so now i have no acess to internet so can u help me with this ????

  • miss amoudi

    hello..I bought a nokia asha 501 and when I open its browser it says “your current browser is being discontinued.Upgrade to opera mini.”
    and when I press the upgrade button it says “Cant reach the network. please try again.”
    What do I do my mobile is connected with wi-fi and there is a sim card too.
    pls help