First off, here’s a greeting from the Opera mobile team: Happy 2015!

We’re giving you a treat with our first update of the year. Opera for Android has advanced to version 27, with a flatter UI and cleaner look. We’ve also improved the download manager.

If you download a lot of files to your Android phone, then this app is for you.Opera 27 for Android, free download from Google Play

Get better control of your downloads

When you download a file, you can choose the destination folder for your download. Remember that, if you close the browser using the exit button, the download will be paused. If you want to open another app while downloading in the background, just tap the home button on your phone.

See how this fast browser works

If you’re on the lookout for an Android app and you haven’t tried Opera for Android yet, give it a try today. It’s a free download from Google Play.

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  • Cjcr

    We’re still waiting for see the current download speed for downloads, but maybe now is too late.

    • Cjcr

      Oh wait, maybe this is a feature for power users only, that it isn’t your current target. Forget it.

      • Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla

        if Vivaldi makes an android stable version in the future and polish themselves up to a stable version for Windows/Linux, I’m probably switching… this new “simple” era doesn’t suits me at all ~_~

  • L33t4opera

    Happy 2015! Congrats on the Opera 27 release 😉

  • Marian C.

    Sorry guys but it’s not so fast! Just tested last version on a 3G connection: disappointed. Chrome it’s much faster on my Nexus 5.

  • Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla

    are there any plans to implement Material Design, or show the download speed in the downloads?

  • garry

    Thank you Opera!

    I do however look forward to the day Opera Mobile offers the power user options and flexibility it used to have in the Presto days upto v12.

  • Moris299

    How about % for downloading files?
    And why there is no new app icon? (as in Opera Beta 27)
    And when we can expect sync in stable release?

    And how about option to decide what to do when download start:
    >Save always in the same location
    >Ask where

    And last question: how about something like “off road mode turning off while in wi fi connection”

    • loxiw

      That last feature would be awesome, specially on Opera Max, or even better the opposite, “turn on when wifi connection is gone”

  • Vivaldi

  • No synchronization, no Opera for Windows Phone, no modern homepage in latest release, bad download rate… Are you kidding? Can’t wait for Vivaldi stable release, then I will move, because of your absurd progress…

  • Pyth0ner

    I like Opera for a number of reasons both on desktop and Android phones. But your Opera for Windows Phone sucks!

  • Yngvar Følling

    Will you get Opera Link working again? And will the “Offroad mode” be at least reasonably compatible with modern web sites? The old Opera Turbo hardly interfered with its compatibility at all.