Nokia 215 is running Opera Mini.

Nokia 215 comes preinstalled with Opera Mini. Photo from: © Microsoft

Meet Nokia 215, Microsoft’s most affordable phone. It may be just a 2G phone, but it’s built for the internet. It comes preinstalled with Opera Mini (yes!). Cheap phone, fast browser — good combo. Take a look:

Opera Mini internet browser

The Nokia 215 only supports 2G networks, but this is precisely where Opera Mini comes into play — helping to speed up browsing. Opera Mini shrinks webpages by as much as 90%, making browsing the web super easy. It also means you can spend more time online because Opera Mini stretches the life of your mobile data plan.

Social and messaging apps

The Nokia 215 also comes with other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and Bing search. It costs only $29 (pre-tax), so it’s easy on your wallet, while its straightforward design is ideal for those of you facing less advanced mobile networks. With the Nokia 215 — and Opera Mini —  more and more people around the world will be able to get online and stay connected.

29 days of battery life!

The Nokia 215 has many other cool features, perfect for entry-level phones. We are particularly fond of the built-in flashlight, FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity. And, you simply cannot beat 29 days of battery life on standby. There’s also a 2.4-inch, 320 x 240 display and a 0.3-megapixel camera.
Happy browsing with Nokia 215 and Opera Mini!


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  • Patata

    At least it got the old Opera Mini, not the Chromium / Webkit / Blink version.
    BTW, what about all those spam posts on previous articles? Is there no one at Opera responsible for that anymore?

  • Cqoicebordel

    Is that the J2ME version of Opera Mini ?

  • Sidney Moraes

    Opera newsletter is not fixed!

    **EDIT**: Never mind, it is working!

  • Facebook


  • Facebook

    The best application

  • G MINDS™

    Exclusive placement for your videoclip on !!

  • Vineesh

    Opera is always my favorite browser since 2004. But
    Nokia 215 not available at my location. I referred and i cant find it in India. I hope nokia will introduce this model soon in India.

  • sea como de dama una huna ya nos

  • Anchal joshi
  • Binu Peter

    please update opera for nokia 215.give download menu to the app