We’ve been adding sharing features to our different Opera browsers these past few months.  Check out our list of the “How-to’s” for the new sharing features in Opera Mini for iOS version 9.1.

How to open links in Opera Mini from other apps

How to open links in Opera Mini from other apps

3 easy steps to open links in Opera Mini from other apps.

It is easy to set things up. Just enable the “Open in Opera Mini” option (sharing menu) in your Safari browser, and you’re good to go. Now, you can open links in Opera Mini from different apps, including other browsers, as well! This is especially helpful when you want to jump from Safari to Opera Mini to save on mobile data.

How to share text

Simply tap the words, phrases or sentences you want to share. Once the selected text is highlighted, you’ll see these options: Copy, Define, a magnifying glass icon for search and the sharing icon. Tap the share icon and simply choose where you want to share it — Twitter, Facebook or some of your other favorite apps.

How to share links

Just long-press the link or and select Share. Other options include Open in New Tab, Copy Text and Copy Address.

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